Greenville Municipal Airport (Mississippi)

Greenville Municipal Airport is a former airport located 4 miles east-southeast of Greenville, Mississippi. It was closed about 1970 with air service being moved to the Mid Delta Regional Airport. Today it is used a municipal recreation complex known as Washington County Convention Center.


The airport was built about 1942 as an auxiliary airfield for the Army pilot training school at Greenville Army Airfield as part of the 30,000 Pilot Training Program. It had three paved runways, the longest being the 4000 ft northwest/southeast & northeast/southwest runways. It had an aircraft parking ramp but did not have any hangars.

After the war ended, the airfield was turned over to the City of Greenville and it became the city municipal airport. It apparently only had general aviation service until it was closed about 1970; the airport having short runways and was being encroached by the city.

The airfield remains relatively intact, being used for recreational activities.