Glen Iris Inn

The Glen Iris Inn, William Pryor Letchworth's former home, is located on the top of a cliff overlooking Middle Falls in Letchworth State Park, New York State, USA. William Letchworth found the day-to-day operations of business burdensome and sought refuge in the site where decided to build a home. He settled on the location while as a tourist gazing at the view in what the Seneca Indians called the Sehgahunda Valley through which the Genesee River flowed. In 1859 he purchased his first tract of land near Portage Falls. Letchworth hired noted landscape architect William Webster to design the grounds of the estate, which Letchworth named Glen Iris after the Greek goddess of rainbows. Webster and some special guests eventually plantes large varieties of trees and flowering bushes throughout the park, including white and red pines, oaks, and dogwoods.

Letchworth bequeathed his 1000 acre estate to New York in 1906, and the tract now forms the heart of Letchworth State Park. In 1914 Letchworth's home became a country inn and grew to become the center of a thriving state park.


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