Give It Up

Give It Up may refer to:


  • "Give It Up!" (short story), a story by Franz Kafka
  • Give It Up! (comics), an adaptation of nine short stories by Kafka



  • Give It Up (Bonnie Raitt album), 1972
  • Give It Up (Jimmy Lyons album), 1985


  • "Give It Up" (The Good Men song), 1992
  • "Give It Up" (Hothouse Flowers song), 1990
  • "Give It Up" (KC and the Sunshine Band song), 1983
  • "Give It Up" (Nathan Sykes song), 2016
  • "Give It Up" (Public Enemy song), 1994
  • "Give It Up" (Twista song), 2007
  • "Give It Up" (Wilson Phillips song), 1992
  • "Give It Up", by AC/DC from Stiff Upper Lip
  • "Give It Up", by Alice Cooper from Constrictor
  • "Give It Up", by Avalon from Avalon
  • "Give It Up", by Badfinger from Badfinger
  • "Give It Up", by Boney M. from Eye Dance
  • "Give It Up", by Datarock from Red
  • "Give It Up", by The Jacksons from Triumph
  • "Give It Up", by Jacynthe
  • "Give It Up", by Kevin Aviance
  • "Give It Up", by LCD Soundsystem from LCD Soundsystem
  • "Give It Up", by Midtown from Forget What You Know
  • "Give It Up", by Pepper from Kona Town
  • "Give It Up", by Steve Miller Band from Abracadabra
  • "Give It Up", by Talk Talk from The Colour of Spring
  • "Give It Up", by ZZ Top from Recycler
  • "Give It Up", from the Victorious TV series soundtrack

    Television episodes

  • "Give It Up" (8 Simple Rules)
  • "Give It Up" (Noah's Arc)
  • "Give It Up" (Shake It Up)

    Other uses

  • Give It Up! (video game), a rhythm video game released in 2014