General Alvarado Partido

General Alvarado Partido is a partido on the Atlantic Coast of Buenos Aires Province in Argentina.

The provincial subdivision has a population of about 34,000 inhabitants in an area of 1599 km2, and its capital city is Miramar, which is 450 km from Buenos Aires.


Like many of the partidos on the Atlantic coast of Buenos Aires Province, the economy of General Alvarado Partido is dominated by seasonal tourism.

The vast majority of the tourists come from Gran Buenos Aires in the summer holiday season (December–February).


  • Miramar
  • Mar del Sud 16 km south of Miramar
  • Comandante Nicanor Otamendi: 35 km north of Miramar
  • MechonguĂ©: 50 km northeast of Miramar
  • Centinela del Mar