Gaudi (musician)

Daniele Gaudi (born 12 July 1963 in Bologna), better known simply as Gaudi, is an Anglo-Italian musician and record producer based in London since 1995. Since the beginning of his career in 1981, his music has crossed the genres of dub, electronica, reggae and worldbeat. Gaudi's distinctive production and sound has contributed to the success of numerous albums and singles, earning Award nominations such as: Grammy Award 2019 -Best Reggae Album Of The Year- for 'Mass Manipulation' by Steel Pulse (an album that he is part of) and BBC Radio 3 Awards for World Music 2008 for the album 'Dub Qawwali' by Gaudi & Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, and topping international charts including: Billboard Reggae Chart no.1 with the album 'Heavy Rain' by Lee "Scratch" Perry, Billboard Reggae Chart no.1 with the album 'Mass Manipulation' by Steel Pulse, Billboard Reggae Chart no.1 with the album "Vessel Of Love" by Hollie Cook, Billboard Reggae Chart no.2 with 'Rainford' by Lee "Scratch" Perry), UK Dance Chart no.1 with of 'Jus'Come' Terra Terra remix by Cool Jack. -


In his career, Gaudi has produced, composed, remixed and worked in the studio with/for acts such as: The Orb, Lee "Scratch" Perry, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Deep Forest, Simple Minds, Steel Pulse, Lamb, Scientist, Hollie Cook, Pete Namlook, Horace Andy, Bob Marley, The Beat, Sizzla, Trentemoller, Mad Professor, Adamski, Shpongle, Desmond Dekker, Michael Rose, Elisa, Bill Laswell, Adrian Sherwood, Grandmaster Flash ft. KRS-One, Michael Franti, Dennis Bovell, Patty Pravo, Martin "Youth" Glover, Max Romeo, Almamegretta, Cast, Africa Bambaataa, Caparezza, General Levy, Apache Indian, Piero Pelù, 1 Giant Leap ft Michael Stipe (from R.E.M) and Asha Bhosle, Mansun, Zion Train ft Tippa Irie, Irene Grandi, Rocky Dawuni Peter Andre, Beats Antique, Dub FX, Eraldo Bernocchi, Dub Pistols, Artful Dodger, Disciplinatha, Morgan (singer), Colin Edwin (from Porcupine Tree), Natacha Atlas, Balkan Beat Box, Isola Posse All Stars, Banco De Gaia, Delta-V (musical group) ft Ornella Vanoni, Ojos de Brujo, Lina Sastri, The Gang, t.A.T.u, The Orb ft. David Gilmour, Donatella Rettore, Jim Kerr (from Simple Minds), Mondo Marcio, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Suns of Arqa, Francesco Baccini, Hang Massive, N.O.I.A, Kinobe, Mazzy Star, Ricky Gianco, Scissor Sisters, The Bastard Sons Of Dioniso, Kaya Project, Marty Dread, Aram Quartet, Tony Esposito, Dusted, Karen Ramirez, Raiz, Jestofunk ft. Jocelyn Brown, Tripswitch, Dream Machine, Rebbie Jackson, Trilok Gurtu. Despite the majority of his production work takes place at his Metatron Studio in London, he is a busy live performer and spends a large proportion of his time touring – performing to theaters, clubs and festival audiences around the world. His career started in the early 1980s, his musical foundations were set in electronic music, avant-garde and reggae.


Early career (Italy 1981–1995)

Gaudi's career started in 1981 in Italy as a keyboard player for new-wave bands Wild Planet, Red Light and Violet Eves, the latter band playing an important role in the Italian underground music scene combining electronica, punk and traditional Italian melodies. Subsequently Gaudi joined the reggae band Bamboo Company, which whom developed his production skills on reggae music.

In the mid-1980s, Gaudi started to gain recognition in the underground music scene for his works with bands such as: 'The Gang' (album Barricada, 1985) and 'Disciplinatha' (album Abbiamo pazientato 40 anni, ora basta, 1987).

It is then that with three members of his previous band Bamboo Company Gaudi formed the band Raptus, one of the first Hip Hop act using Italian lyrics, they released the 12-inch single "Peggio della colla" in 1986 with the label Multimedia Attack Punk Records and were subsequently spotted by Italian rockstar Vasco Rossi and his production team Terryball that produced their next single. While expectations for the project were high, unfortunately exposure was low and the band split.

In 1987, Gaudi also began his first solo project as a singer under the name 'Lele Gaudi' with the creation of what was to become the first 'Raggamuffin' album written in Italian. In 1988 the album was finished however record companies were uneasy with the concept of an untried formula and unwilling to take the risk of releasing it. Gaudi spent the next 2 years meeting record labels to find an appropriate deal. During this period he also spent time in Jamaica, testing his project and getting valuable feedback on the quality of his work; it was well received.

With producers Ricky Rinaldi, aka 'Ohm Guru', and Frank Nemola, he founded the production team 'Tubi Forti', which worked on the production of several indie and pop acts including: Isola Posse All Stars, with their debut single 'Stop al panico', Sud Sound System, with their single 'Fuecu', Donatella Rettore with her single 'Zan Zan Zan'. With this production team, Gaudi also released several dance singles for Irma Records with monikers such as: National Rare Groove (12in singles 'Lets Dance' and 'Talking To You'), Dr Muff & Crazy Stuff (12in single 'Don't Forget This'), 4t Thieves (12in single ‘Etnotechno’), the latter being Gaudi's first experiment of world music fused with electro funk.

Two years on from the initial knock-backs, Gaudi's signed his first major record deal with Polygram/Universal for his solo project, the first single 'Maliniconico Love' was recorded at Jah Tubby's Studio in London and featured ragga vocalist Crucial Robbie. The official videoclip of this single was given major broadcasting by MTV and gained a good success in Italy.

Gaudi's debut album 'Basta Poco' was released in Italy in 1991 with a massive national media exposure that culminated in the winning of his first award as "Best Italian New Coming Artist 1991".

Gaudi's second single "1990 Anni Fa" was released later in the year by Polygram/Mercury Records and was promptly banned from Vatican City due to its 'sensitive content'. Needless to say this did nothing to harm record sales.

For the tour that followed the success of the album, Gaudi was backed by reggae band WDX.

In 1993, Gaudi added his signature to a collaboration with socially conscious popstar Ricky Gianco (well known for his upfront social commentary). The exposure gained from this project firmly established Gaudi as a household name.

In 1994, Gaudi wrote a Raggamuffin vocal part for the single 'Lei sta con te' by Italian popstar Francesco Baccini.

Pulling together previous influences and flavors, Gaudi started experimenting with the Theremin fused with dub, electronica and world music, releasing several tracks under the moniker Dub Alchemist.

Career in London, 1995–present

In 1995 Gaudi moved to London and set up 'Metatron Studio London', founded the record label 'Sub Signal' and the production team “Terra Terra” in partnership with DJ Angelino. The duo produced several remixes including their 1996 No. 1 UK dance chart “Jus come” by “Cool Jack” for AM:PM Records.

Gaudi then signed with Harmony Management and remixed named pop acts such as Mansun (UK Chart n.14), Mazzy Star, Cast (UK chart n.2), Peter Andre (UK chart n.3), Africa Bambaataa, Rebbie Jackson, Jeanie Tracy, Love City, L.A Believers, Kinobe and New Clear Family.

The first Gaudi’s full-length studio production in London was Sound of Anatomy, an ambient concept album released under the moniker name of 'Ultraviolet Zero', in collaboration with multi-instrumentalist Pauli Atzei. in the following two years Gaudi has been busy on the composition of music soundtracks for BBC, MTV, Channel 4, RAI and ITV, including internationally renowned TV shows such as “Europe Music Awards" and several other MTV programs. TV commercials such as Sony PlayStation, Longines, Fiat, Seat, Energie, Fiorucci and "The Express" also carried Gaudi’s signature in those years.

In 1997, Gaudi wrote the track "Non ti Scrivero" for Italian pop star Irene Grandi which featured on her double platinum selling album Per fortuna purtroppo.

In 1998, Gaudi's third album Earthbound was released worldwide by Bustin Loose Recordings on 12in triple vinyl, giving him worldwide sales recognition and a solid exposure that led to his tracks appearing on many compilations. Earthbound contains music influences ranging from Indian ragas to African chanting and from Jamaican chatting to Italian traditional melodies, its one unifying factor being the flavors of reggae and dub. The album featured 39 musicians from around the globe, including Jamaican raggamuffin star General Levy, Indian singers Kiren Sambhi and Sonal Varsani, Sardinian voice virtuosos Tenores di Neoneli, Trio Cocco and Antonio Testa who provided the track "Stalagmite", recorded in a cave playing natural stalagmites. The dub version of Earthbound, titled ‘Earthbound in Dub’ was also released later that year on Sub Signal. In 2000, Gaudi took a trip to Africa and spent some time in Burkina Faso experiencing the lifestyle and culture of the indigenous communities, there he recorded many talented musicians, catalysts for his next album Bass, Sweat & Tears (Interchill Records 2004). Year 2000 also saw the beginning of the four years collaboration between Gaudi and world-music exponent DJ Pathaan, the duo named themselves 'Orchestral World Groove' (OWG), and got residencies at prestigious London venues such as Cargo, Fabric, Dogstar, Plan B and Redstar, released also tracks on many compilations worldwide and toured internationally for four years, performing at high-profile venues and festivals such as Roskilde (Denmark), Skol Beat (Brazil), The Big Chill and Gatecrasher (England).

2003 started with Gaudi producing a version of the song "The man who sold the world" (a song written by David Bowie) for the band Simple Minds, and working on Jim Kerr's single 'Innerworld', released under the moniker ‘Pascal Life’ (Absolutely Records).

The same year, Gaudi also remixed Bob Marley’s classic "Soul Shakedown Party".

A collaboration with Italian classical composer Massimo Nunzi saw the light that year, embarking in a symphonic/jazz interpretation of Shakespeare's "The Tempest" with brand new music scores for a 20 piece classical orchestra infused with live electronic dub elements by Gaudi himself. Major exponents of the jazz scene such as Gianluigi Trovesi, Mederic Collignon, Gianluca Petrella, Paolo Damiani, Ada Montellanico and Italian pop singer Niccolo Fabi joined the duo for two high-profile concerts at 'Roccella Jonica Jazz Festival' and at the Villa Borghese in Rome.

In 2004, another eclectic collaboration occurred, this time with French inventor Michel Moglia and his music instrument 'The Fire Organ', a 20-ton metal pipe structure that works with fire. The duo composed ‘Elemental’, an opera for Fire Organ and Theremin, and gave a spectacular double performance at the Colosseum in Rome to an international audience of more than 350,000.

Gaudi's fourth solo album Bass, Sweat & Tears was released in 2004 by Interchill Records and became an international success, considered then by many producers and musicians a ground-breaking album, gaining excellent sales recognitions and becoming Interchill’s best selling release to date.[3] The album reached number 2 in the iTunes European Chart and number 32 on iTunes US. Songs from it are featured in over 50 compilations, with 2 film soundtrack licenses having been signed (two songs featured in Pooja Bhatt's Bollywood 'film noir' "Rog" as well as appearing on the official CD soundtrack); Gaudi's song 'Sufani' was also used as the soundtrack for the Indian film "Fareb" by Vikram Bhatt, and the track 'Chant Thermique' featured on the award-winning soundtrack for the film 'Let it Ride' about the life of legendary snowboarder Craig Kelly.

The success of this album brought Gaudi a busy schedule of performances at clubs and festivals around Europe followed, including

The following year, Gaudi wrote the songs "Lasciala andare" and "Lady picche", for Italian popstar Irene Grandi included in her platinum sales album Indelebile (WEA). The first single 'Lasciala Andare' became a huge success, been at no.2 in the Italian official chart for 16 consecutive weeks. The song has subsequently been included in another platinum sales album collection titled "Irene Grandi - Hits"(Atlantic 2007). The success of this song continued for several years and expanded also into the Greek market, when popstar Eleonora Zouganeli covered it in Greek language (renaming it "Fevgo gia mena mia fora") and establishing it in the Greek charts for several weeks.

Later in the same year, Gaudi teamed up with sound-therapist Antonio Testa and composed ‘Continuum 1105’, a concept album blending experimental electronica with organic elements, released then worldwide by legendary UK label Em:t Records. The album reached no.3 in the iTunes European Electronic chart.

In 2006, ambient music pioneer Pete Namlook invited Gaudi to his studio Klanglabor Hodeshof in Germany to compose and album together and release it on his label Fax Records: ‘Re:sonate’ was then born, combining Namlook’s ‘trademark’ lengthy meandering structures and spacey pads with Gaudi’s dub expertees and unique ‘home-grown’ sounds.

As well as his own work, Gaudi was also involved in a memorable studio collaboration with dub legend Lee "Scratch" Perry and highly respected producer Dennis Bovell. His role, with fellow producer Charlie Redseal, was in the programming of new drum parts for the remakes of three iconic Bob Marley tracks written by Perry: "Kaya", "Sun Is Shining" and "Punky Reggae Party".

Gaudi's production and performance skills saw him invited to collaborate on a number of different projects in 2006; He co-wrote and played Melodica, Theremin and Moog on the track 'Palmprint' by electro-dub duo 'Sounds From The Ground' for their album High Rising. He also produced and co-wrote the debut solo album of Ashtech Walkin' Target which includes 4 tracks featuring the inimitable voice of 'Cheshire Cat' from legendary production team Leftfield.

Gaudi's compilation Sub Signals Vol. 1 – a selection of prime dub cuts from a pedigree stable of artists, was released on his label 'Sub Signal' in association with Interchill Records in November 2006.

By 2007, with 10 albums to his name, 250 music productions, over 80 remixes and more than 100 compilations featuring his tracks, Gaudi had become an artist and producer in demand. One high-profile visitor to Metatron Studio that year was reggae legend Horace Andy who Gaudi recorded for the track 'Just say who' which featured, alongside Gaudi's remix of the same, on Almamegretta's album Vulgus. A busy and high-profile international tour with performances in Australia, Canada, Russia, US and Europe kept him busy while not in the studio.

Gaudi's own very special album project Dub Qawwali featuring the amazing vocals of the 'Pakistan's premier ambassador of Qawwali music' Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan was released worldwide August 2007 by Six Degrees Records. It received massive critical acclaim internationally reaching no.2 in iTunes US Chart, no.4 in the UK and was the no.1 seller in's Electronic Music section for a period. It also earned him a nomination for the BBC's World Music Awards 2008.

In early 2008, Gaudi lent out his talents in a studio session with the legendary hip hop pioneer Grandmaster Flash for his single "What if" featured KRS-One . Alongside a busy tour schedule, Gaudi returned to Italy in the spring for 4 months to take on the role of 'vocal coach' for the hit TV talent show The X Factor; he worked with the vocal groups category and emerged victorious with his group 'Aram Quartet' winning the show.

2009 started with a return to X Factor for the second series and once again to coach the groups category. It was another successful series with his group 'The Bastard Sons of Dioniso' winning the "critic's award" and their track 'L'amor Carnale' (co-written and produced by Gaudi) reaching no.1 in the Italian charts; Their debut EP also earned Gaudi his 4th Gold Disc. Subsequently, Gaudi also produced their debut album In Stasi Perpetua which was released by Sony Music in November 2009. After spending the summer touring America, Canada, UK and Greece, Gaudi returned to Italy again in the autumn for the 3rd series of X Factor where this time his female vocal trio "Yavanna" took 3rd place.

Gaudi's 12th album No Prisoners (feat. Michael Franti, Dub Gabriel, Elisa, Dr. Israel) was released in March 2010 by Six Degrees Records and his subsequent 'No Prisoners World Tour' (which lasted three years) was a big success.

2011 began with a heavyweight and ongoing collaboration with UK electronica pioneers The Orb, with Alex Paterson on samplers and musical maverick Chester on vocals. The band name they choose was SCREEN, their debut album "We are Screen" was released worldwide by Uk label Malicious Damage. More remixes saw the light the same year, working on tracks from: Lamb, Trentemoller, Delhi 2 dublin, Ganga Giri, Animation, Kaya Project, HFB, Desmond Dekker, The Upsetters, Adriano K, Noia and the chart-topping collaboration between The Orb and Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour Metallic Spheres.

In 2012, Gaudi released the double compilation Everlasting.

A tight schedule of music works kept Gaudi very busy in the recording studio throughout 2012, with the production of his new album, the production of the new album by American reggae band "Indubious", the composition of the track "Pawa 2 da ppl" with Adamski, the remix of psy-trance artist Captain Hook, and the production/songwriting of the tracks "Tonto's expansions" and "Leather Sexy Dynamite (LSD)".

A lengthy 2012 tour of the USA, Canada, Europe, India and Australia ended in December with Gaudi performing at The Pyramids of Giza (Giza Necropolis) in Egypt.

Gaudi's album In Between Times was released worldwide in May 2013 by Six Degrees Records. This reggae / electronica album features many pioneering artists such as Michael Rose (Black Uhuru front man), Lee Scratch Perry, Twilight Circus, The Orb, Danny Ladwa, Dennis Bovell, Raja Ram, Deadly Hunta, Jahmai and author and philosopher Gregory Sams.

In the same year, Gaudi signes a two-years contract with italian TV RAI2 for music show The Voice, where he appears as vocal coach in joined-force with singer Piero Pelu' (from rock band Litfiba), with whom also co-wrote the top-chart single "Mille Uragani", included on Pelu's album "Identikit".

Many studio collaborations, remixes and productions were released between 2013 and 2015, when Gaudi put his signature trademark on: Deep Forest, Banco De Gaia, Dub FX, Sizzla, The Orb, N.O.I.A, Natacha Atlas, David Starfire, Beats Antique, Dub Pistols, Suns Of Arqa, Hang Massive, The Beat, Danny Ladwa, Tsuyoshi Suzuki, Asian Dub Foundation, Captain Hook, Almamegretta, Loungedelic, Caparezza and Michael Franti.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary release of Gaudi's album Bass, Sweat & Tears, in 2014 the label Six Degrees Records released the dub album Dub, Sweat & Tears, with brand new dub versions produced by Gaudi, followed by a second release 'In Between Times - Remixed', a remix album featuring: Zion Train, Banco De Gaia, Deep Forest, Tsuyoshi Suzuki, Perfect Stranger, Desert Dwellers, David Starfire, Dub Pistols, Kaya Project and Alexart.

In the next two years, Gaudi is busy in the studio on productions, remixes and songwriting for: Hollie Cook, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Soom T, Barrington Levy, Tripswitch, Beats Antique, Deep Forest and Martin "Youth" Glover. It is exactly with music producer (and Killing Joke's bassist) Youth that Gaudi teamed up for the next few projects, including the green vinyl EP ‘2063: A Dub Odyssey’ (released as ‘Youth & Gaudi’), the albums ‘Vessel Of Love’ by Hollie Cook and ‘No Sounds Are Out Of Bounds’ by The Orb, on which he also appeares as keyboardist and songwriter.

After having signed a record deal with experimental UK record label RareNoiseRecords, Gaudi released a 10inches white vinyl containing the songs "Electronic Impromptu in E-flat Minor" and "30Hz Dub Prelude", featuring Bill Laswell on bass, Colin Edwin (from Porcupine Tree) on bass, Steve Jansen (from art-pop band Japan) on drum, Eraldo Bernocchi on guitar, Roger Eno on piano, Ted Parsons (from Killing Joke) on drum, Masami Akita on electronics, Lorenzo Feliciati on bass, Coppe' on vocals e Alessandro Gwis.

The latest Gaudi solo album Magnetic was released in 2017 by Rarenoise Records, followed by the collaborative albums "Epic Circuit" with Grammy Award's winner Deep Forest and 'Astronaut Alchemists' with Youth.

In 2018, Gaudi was contacted by Pink Floyd's saxophonist Scott Page and vocalist Roberta Freeman for playing live theremin and synthesizers as part of their supergroup with Stephen Perkins (from Jane's Addiction) on drum, L. Shankar on violin, Norwood Fisher (from Fishbone) on bass, Kenny Olson (from Kid Rock) on guitar, Jon Stankorb on guitar and voice, Eric Mayron (from Dr. Dre) on keyboards. The supergroup played three sold-out shows at the Wisdome in Los Angeles between November and December, performing live new arrangements of Pink Floyd's classics with the addition of 12 new music pieces composed by Gaudi and spectacular 360 live visuals by Android Jones.

In 2019, he produced songs and dub versions for Steel Pulse's album Mass Manipulation which charted at #1 on Billboard and received a nomination for the Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album, played the piano on Horace Andy's song 'Mr. Bassie', played keyboards and synthesizers on the albums 'Heavy Rain' and 'Rainford' by Lee Scratch Perry, produced by Adrian Sherwood, which charted at no.1 and no.2 on Billboard respectively. 2019 sees also the release of the album Mad Professor & Gaudi, produced with Mad Professor and featuring Macka B, Steel Pulse, Michael Rose and Marty Dread, and the EP 'Ennio Morricone in Dub - the Good, the Dub and the Ugly' released under the name LAB DUB, a production duo consisting of Gaudi and Hardage. The same year Gaudi remixed Rocky Dawuni, Mista Savona's 'Havana Meets Kingston', MIDIval Punditz, Dub FX, Tiki Taane from Salmonella Dub, The Elovaters and Bluetech.

The Orb's 2020 album 'Abolition Of The Royal Familia' sees Gaudi featured in it playing keyboards, theremin, melodica and songwriting. Another release of 2020 is the Pitch Black remix single of 'The Gods Must Be Crazy', written and produced by Gaudi and Youth, off from the album to be followed 'Astronaut Alchemists - The Remixes' out April 17 on Liquid Sound Design Records.

Bands and pseudonyms

  • Screen
  • Mad Professor & Gaudi
  • Dub Alchemist
  • Lele Gaudi’
  • National Rare Groove (NRG)
  • 4T Thieves
  • Deep Forest & Gaudi
  • Lab Dub
  • Dr Muff & Crazy Stuff
  • Mad Master Moog
  • Ultraviolet Zero
  • Weirdub
  • Groovekilla
  • Youth & Gaudi
  • Raptus
  • B.A.G.
  • Re-Vinyl
  • Los Angels
  • Terra Terra
  • Orchestral World Groove (OWG)



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  • YOUTH & GAUDI Astronaut Alchemists (Liquid Sound Design 2018)
  • DEEP FOREST & GAUDI Epic Circuits (EMM 2018)
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  • GAUDI In Between Times (The Remixes) (Six Degrees Records 2015)
  • GAUDI Dub, Sweat & Tears (Six Degrees Records 2014)
  • GAUDI In between times (Six Degrees Records 2013)
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  • GAUDI:TESTA 1105 Continvvm (Em:t Records 2005)
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  • GAUDI & KEITA My Beautiful Laundrette (Sub Signal 2002)
  • WEIRDUB Recreational (Sub Signal 2002)
  • GAUDI Earthbound in Dub (Sub Signal 2000)
  • GAUDI Earthbound (Bustin'Loose/Antenna 1999)
  • ULTRAVIOLET ZERO "Sound of Anatomy" (Sub Signal 1996)
  • GAUDI Gaudium magnum (Polygram/Mercury Records 1993)
  • LELE GAUDI Basta Poco (Polygram/Mercury Records 1991)

    Singles and EPs

  • LAB DUB "Ennio Morricone IN DUB - The Good, The Dub and The Ugly" (Lab Dub Records 2019)
  • YOUTH & GAUDI "10" green vinyl EP" 2063 : A Dub Odyssey (Liquid Sound Design 2017)
  • GAUDI "10" white vinyl EP" (RareNoiseRecords 2016)
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  • GAUDI "1990 anni fa" (Polygram/Mercury Records 1991)
  • TOSSE "Legala" (Vox Pop 1991)
  • GAUDI "Malinconico love" (Polygram/Mercury Records 1991)
  • ISOLA POSSE ALL STAR "Stop al Panico" (Century Vox 1991)
  • ASEO "Ghe Sboro" 7in (Srazz records 1991)
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  • DR.MUFF & CRAZY STUFF "Don't forget this" (Mighty Quinn 1989)
  • RAPTUS "Peggio Della Colla" (Attak Punk records 1986)


    Productions and projects