Futura may refer to:

Businesses and organisations

  • Futura International Airways, a former airline based in Spain
  • Futura Gael, a former Irish subsidiary airline of Futura International Airways
  • Tikal Futura, a shopping, business and hotel complex in Guatemala City, Guatemala
  • Futura plus, a Serbian wholesale and retail company
  • Futura, a now defunct British paperback publisher, part of Robert Maxwell's British Printing & Communications corporation

    Brands and marques

  • Gibson Futura, an electric guitar
  • Futura (typeface), a typeface designed in 1927 by Paul Renner
  • Futura (cooker), a product of Hawkins Cookers Limited
  • Royal Futura, a portable typewriter produced from 1958 to 1962
  • Futura (clothing), a Dutch clothing brand.


  • Aprilia Futura, a motorcycle
  • Lincoln Futura, a Ford concept car
  • Ford Futura, a car made by Ford Australia
  • Suzuki Futura, a Suzuki Carry commercial vehicle made by Suzuki of Indonesia since 1991


  • Futura (magazine), a monthly French comic book magazine in the 1970s
  • Futura (science fiction magazine), published in Croatia 1992-2007

    Film and TV

  • Rai Futura, an Italian entertainment TV channel
  • Futura (TV channel), Brazilian educational channel
  • Futura, the name of the Maschinenmensch in the original script of the film Metropolis
  • Futura, the home world of the eponymous hero in the television cartoon series Colonel Bleep.

    Music and entertainment

  • Futura Records, a French record company and Jazz label
  • Radio Futura, a Spanish pop rock group
  • La Futura, an album by the American rock band ZZ Top


  • FC Futura, a football club from Finland
  • Futura Cup, a hockey trophy of the Ligue Nord-Americaine de Hockey, Quebec

    Other uses

  • Futura (graffiti artist) (formerly known as Futura 2000), a graffiti artist