Full Circle

Full Circle may refer to:


  • Turn (geometry), a unit of plane angle equal to 360°


  • Full Circle, a 1962 novel by Grace Lumpkin
  • Full Circle, a 1982 memoir by Janet Baker
  • Full Circle (novel), a 1984 novel by Danielle Steel
  • Full Circle: The Moral Force of Unified Science, a 1972 book co-written and edited by Edward Haskell
  • Full Circle (travel book), a 1997 companion book to the travel TV series, by Michael Palin
  • Batman: Full Circle, a comic book
  • Full Circle Magazine, a free-distribution on-line Ubuntu PDF magazine launched in 2007

    Film, TV and theatre

  • Full Circle (1935 film), a British film starring Garry Marsh
  • Full Circle (1977 film) (also known as The Haunting of Julia), starring Mia Farrow
  • Full Circle (1993 film), a Canadian documentary
  • Full Circle (1996 film), a Cirque du Soleil documentary
  • Full Circle (2008 film), a documentary about an Israeli submarine
  • Full Circle, a 1996 TV film adapted from the novel Full Circle by Danielle Steel
  • Full Circle (2012 film), a Chinese film directed by Zhang Yang


  • Full Circle (Doctor Who), a 1980 TV serial
  • "Full Circle" (Stargate SG-1), a 2002 TV episode
  • Full Circle (1960 TV series), a short-lived daytime TV serial starring Dyan Cannon and Jean Byron
  • Full Circle (2013 TV series), a TV series by Audience Network
  • "Full Circle", a Hercules: The Legendary Journeys episode
  • "Full Circle", a Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders episode
  • "The Full Circle", an episode of the TV series Space: 1999
  • Full Circle with Michael Palin, a 1997 travel TV series
  • ESPN Full Circle, a televised sports event


  • Full Circle (Melville play), a 1953 play by Alan Melville
  • Full Circle, a 1956 play by Erich Maria Remarque
  • Full Circle, a 1998 play by Charles L. Mee


  • Full circle ringing, a method of hanging (church) bells and ringing them in the "English tradition"
  • "Full Circle", a hip hop combined supergroup of Halal Gang and Prime Boys


  • Full Circle (Loretta Lynn album), 2016 release by Loretta Lynn
  • Full Circle (David Benoit album), 2006
  • Full Circle (Boyz II Men album)
  • Full Circle (Creed album), 2009
  • Full Circle (CTA album)
  • Full Circle (Holger Czukay, Jah Wobble and Jaki Liebezeit album)
  • Full Circle (Barbara Dickson album), 2004
  • Full Circle (The Doors album), 1972
  • Full Circle (Dixie Dregs album)
  • Full Circle (Drowning Pool album), 2007
  • Full Circle (Eddie Palmieri album), 2018
  • Full Circle (FireHouse album)
  • Full Circle (Hieroglyphics album), 2003
  • Full Circle (Icehouse album), 1994
  • Full Circle (Waylon Jennings album), 1988
  • Full Circle (Jim Jidhed album)
  • Full Circle (Morgan Heritage album)
  • Full Circle (Oliver album)
  • Full Circle (Pennywise album)
  • Full Circle (The Quill album)
  • Full Circle (Jimmie Ross album), 2010
  • Full Circle (Saga album), 1999
  • Full Circle (Ravi Shankar album)
  • Full Circle (Leon Thomas album), 1973
  • Full Circle (Randy Travis album)
  • Full Circle (Dottie West album), 1982
  • Full Circle (Xzibit album)
  • Full Circle, an album by Birtles Shorrock Goble
  • Full Circle, an album by DJ Dara
  • Full Circle, an album by Holly Dunn
  • Full Circle, an album by Dan Fogelberg
  • Full Circle, an album by Rupert Holmes
  • Full Circle, an album by Ian & Sylvia
  • Full Circle, an album by Frank Marino
  • Full Circle, an album by Charlie Peacock
  • Full Circle, an album by Dave Sinclair
  • Full Circle, an album by Colin Towns
  • Full Circle, a 1970 album by Forest
  • Full Circle, an album by Hælos
  • Full Circle, a 2018 album by Eddie Palmieri


  • "Full Circle (Five Finger Death Punch sonɡ)", a 2020 song by Five Finger Death Punch on the album ''F8
  • "Full Circle", a song by Aerosmith on the album Nine Lives
  • "Full Circle", a song by Company B on the album Company B
  • "Full Circle", a song by Cut This City on the album Hit the Lights
  • "Full Circle", a song by Miley Cyrus on the album Breakout
  • "Full Circle", a song by Half Moon Run on the album Dark Eyes
  • "Full Circle", a song by Loreena McKennitt on the album The Mask and Mirror
  • "Full Circle", a song by No Doubt on the album Everything in Time
  • "Full Circle", a movement from the song "Octavarium" by Dream Theater
  • "Full Circle Song" (aka "Full Circle"), a 1973 song by Gene Clark on the albums Roadmaster and Byrds
  • "Full Circle", a song by Xavier Rudd on the album Spirit Bird