Freiheit is the German word for both liberty and political freedom.

Freiheit may also refer to:

Political parties

  • South Tyrolean Freedom (Süd-Tiroler Freiheit, STF), a nationalist political party active in South Tyrol, a region of Italy historically ruled by Austria
  • German Freedom Party (Die Freiheit), a political party in Germany

    Newspapers and magazines

  • Freiheit (1879) (1879–1910), an anarchist journal established by Johann Most in London and moved to New York
  • Die Freiheit (1918), daily of the Independent Social Democratic Party of Germany
  • Junge Freiheit, a German weekly newspaper with nationalistic tendencies
  • Morgen Freiheit (1922–1988), Yiddish-language daily of the Communist Party USA


  • Freiheit (film), a 1966 short film by George Lucas
  • Freiheit, an alternative name for the band, Münchener Freiheit
  • Freiheit (novel), a 2019 dystopian alternative history thriller by Ben Pickering
  • Freiheit, the original title of Leo Perutz's 1918 novel From Nine to Nine
  • Freiheit, an EP released in 2004 by Unheilig
  • Freiheit, an album by German rapper Curse
  • Münchener Freiheit, a German band also known as simply Freiheit
  • "Freiheit" (song), a 1936 song by Gudrun Kabisch and Paul Dessau


  • Alte Freiheit, a historic square in Wuppertal-Elberfeld
  • Freiheit (Königsberg), a type of medieval suburb of Königsberg
  • Freiheit an der Aupa, former German name of the town Svoboda nad Úpou in the Czech Republic
  • Große Freiheit, a cross street on the North Side to Hamburg's Reeperbahn
  • Münchner Freiheit, a square in Munich's Schwabing


  • David Freiheit (born 1979), Canadian YouTuber