Free may refer to:


  • Freedom (disambiguation)
  • Free, to emancipate, to obtain political rights (usually for a disenfranchised group)
  • Free will, control exercised by rational agents over their actions and decisions


  • Free (programming), a function that releases dynamically allocated memory for reuse
  • Freefont, the open font project
  • Free format, a file format which can be used without restrictions
  • Free software, software usable and distributable with few restrictions and no payment
  • Freeware, a broader class of software available at no cost
  • Full Reactive Eyes Entertainment, a video game style first implemented in the game Shenmue


  • Free object
  • Free abelian group
  • Free algebra
  • Free group
  • Free module
  • Free semigroup
  • Free variable

    Arts and media



  • Free (band), English
  • Free, formerly Have Heart, an American straight edge band
  • Free (rapper) (born 1968), American
  • Free (active 2003–), a member of the American band FreeSol
  • Free!!, a Spanish mákina band
  • The Free, a German eurodance band


  • Free (Airto album), 1972
  • Free (Jann Arden album)
  • Free (Rick Astley album)
  • Free (Bonfire album)
  • Free (Concrete Blonde album)
  • Free (Dana International album)
  • Free (Chico DeBarge album)
  • Free (Gavin DeGraw album)
  • Free (For Real album)
  • Free (Free album)
  • Free (David Garrett album)
  • Free (Benny Golson album)
  • Free (Brad Johner album)
  • Free (Iggy Pop album)
  • Free (Libera album)
  • Free (Lisa Shaw album), 2009
  • Free (Mao Abe album)
  • Free (Marcus Miller album), or its title song
  • Free (Negativland album)
  • Free (OSI album), or its title song
  • Free (The Party album)
  • Free (Twin Atlantic album)
  • Free (Planetshakers album)
  • Free (Rivermaya album)
  • Free (Kate Ryan album)
  • Free (Cody Simpson album), 2015
  • Free (Stone album)
  • Free (Kierra Sheard album)
  • Free (Virtue album)
  • Free... (EP), 2001, by Acid King, or its title song
  • free*, an album by Jim's Big Ego
  • Free (Based Freestyles Mixtape), 2015, by Lil B and Chance the Rapper


  • "Free" (Broods song)
  • "Free" (Chicago song)
  • "Free" (Dani Harmer song)
  • "Free" (Dara Maclean song), 2011
  • "Free" (Deniece Williams song)
  • "Free" (Erika song)
  • "Free" (Estelle song)
  • "Free" (Haley Reinhart song)
  • "Free" (Mao Abe song)
  • "Free" (Mýa song)
  • "Free" (Natalia Kills song)
  • "Free" (Pete Murray song), 2011
  • "Free" (Rudimental song), 2013
  • "Free" (Sarah Brightman song)
  • "Free" (Stryper song)
  • "Free" (Train song)
  • "Free" (Ultra Naté song)
  • "Free" (Zac Brown Band song)
  • "Free", by Alesha Dixon from Fired Up
  • "Free", by Bacon Popper
  • "Free", by Blue October UK from One Day Silver, One Day Gold
  • "Free", by The Cars from Move Like This
  • "Free", by Cat Power from You Are Free
  • "Free", B-side to the Depeche Mode single "Precious"
  • "Free", by DJ Quicksilver
  • "Free", by Graffiti6 from Colours
  • "Free". by Irving Berlin
  • "Free", by Jon Secada from his album Same Dream
  • "Free", by The Martinis from their 1998 self-titled début album and Empire Records: The Soundtrack
  • "Free", by Nakatomi
  • "Free", by Phish from Billy Breathes
  • "Free", by Plumb from Beautiful Lumps of Coal
  • "Free", by Powerman 5000 from Transform
  • "Free", by Primal Scream from Give Out But Don't Give Up
  • "Free", by Prince from 1999
  • "Free", by Quiet Riot from Rehab
  • "Free", by Stevie Wonder from Characters
  • "Free", by VAST from Music for People
  • "Free", by Will Downing
  • "Free", by Yu Yamada, written as the ending theme for the anime Basquash!
  • "Free (Extended Mixes)", by OSI from Free

    Other media

  • Free: The Future of a Radical Price, a 2009 book by Chris Anderson
  • Free (film), a 2001 dramedy
  • Free! (TV series), an anime series starting in 2013
  • "Free" (Desperate Housewives), a television episode


  • Fight Repression of Erotic Expression, a University of Minnesota student group, now the Queer Student Cultural Center
  • Foundation for Rational Economics and Education, a libertarian think tank founded by Ron Paul
  • Foundation for Research on Economics and the Environment, a think tank that promotes free-market environmentalism
  • Free (ISP), a French internet service provider
  • Free Airlines, a Kinshasa Congolese air operator


  • Free (surname)
  • Free, a pseudonym for the activist and writer Abbie Hoffman


  • Free content, material without significant legal usability restrictions
  • Free (cigarette), from Brazil
  • Free, Indiana, an unincorporated community