Franchise may refer to:

Business and law

  • Franchising, a business method that involves licensing of trademarks and methods of doing business to franchisees
  • Franchise, a privilege to operate a type of business such as a cable television provider, public utility, or taxicab company, sometimes requiring the filing of tariff schedules, as in:
  • Television franchise, a right to operate a television network
  • Cable franchise, a right to operate a cable television network
  • * Cable television franchise fee, an annual fee charged by a local government to a private cable television company
  • Franchise, a clause used by insurance companies as a threshold for policy payments, as in deductible
  • Franchise, political franchise, or suffrage, the civil right to vote
  • Franchise jurisdiction, in English history, a jurisdiction held as private property
  • Franchise Pictures, a film production company

    Arts, entertainment, and media

  • "Franchise" (short story), a 1955 short story by Isaac Asimov
  • Dem Franchize Boyz, an American hip hop group from Atlanta
  • Franchise Times, a business magazine for franchises in the United States
  • Media franchise, a collection of related creative works, such as films, video games, books, etc., particularly in North American usage


  • Franchise, a term for a team in the type of professional sports league organization most commonly found in North America; see North American professional sports league organization
  • Franchise player, a player on such a team around whom an entire competitive squad can be built
  • Franchise tag, a designation of a player in the US National Football League whose contract is soon to expire that binds him to the team for one year at an enhanced salary
  • Sports league franchise, or League franchise, a local or regional business franchising operation under a particular sporting league in activities such as pool, darts, etc.