Fly Away

Fly Away or Flyaway may refer to:



  • Fly Away (Banaroo album), 2007
  • Fly Away (Corrinne May album), 2001
  • Flyaway (Nutshell album), 1997
  • Fly Away (Paul Wright album), 2003
  • Fly Away (Voyage album), 1978
  • Fly Away, by All Angels, 2009
  • Fly Away, by Driver Friendly, 2004


  • "Fly Away" (Haddaway song), 1995
  • "Fly Away" (Honey Ryder song), 2009
  • "Fly Away" (John Denver song), 1975
  • "Fly Away" (Lead song), 2003
  • "Fly Away" (Lenny Kravitz song), 1998
  • "Fly Away" (Seo In-guk song), 2013
  • "Fly Away" (5 Seconds of Summer song), 2015
  • "Fly Away", by Asami Izawa from the TV series Eureka Seven
  • "Fly Away", by The Black Eyed Peas from the album Elephunk, 2003
  • "Fly Away", by Blackfoot from the album Marauder, 1981
  • "Fly Away", by Cecilia from the album Inner Harmony, 1999
  • "Fly Away", by The Cheetah Girls from the soundtrack to the film The Cheetah Girls: One World, 2008
  • "Fly Away", by DJ Company
  • "Fly Away", by Lutricia McNeal from the album Whatcha Been Doing, 1999
  • "Fly Away", an unreleased song by Michael Jackson intended for the album Bad, 1987
  • "Fly Away", by Misia from the album Kiss in the Sky, 2002
  • "Fly Away", by Nelly from the soundtrack to the film The Longest Yard, 2005
  • "Fly Away", by Peter Andre from the album Angels & Demons, 2012
  • "Fly Away", by Sugarland from the album Twice the Speed of Life, 2004
  • "Fly Away", by TeddyLoid from the soundtrack of the TV series Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, 2010
  • "Fly Away" by TheFatRat ft. Anjulie, 2017
  • "Last Dollar (Fly Away)", a 2007 song by Tim McGraw from the album Let It Go


  • Fly Away (film), a 2011 American dramatic film
  • Flyaway (novel), a 1978 first-person narrative thriller novel by Desmond Bagley
  • Flyaway, a 2012 novel by Lucy Christopher
  • FlyAway (bus), a shuttle bus service created and funded by Los Angeles World Airports
  • Fly Away (The Following), an episode of the television series The Following
  • Flyaway, a type of cheap plastic football also known as a penny floater