Flugfélag Vestmannaeyja

Flugfélag Vestmannaeyja (1983–2010) was a regional airline based on the Vestmannaeyjar archipelago, Iceland. It was founded to provide aviation services for the people of Vestmannaeyjar and also tourists visiting Vestmannaeyjar. It operated both scheduled and charter services along with sightseeing and cargo flights. It also took care of all ambulance flights from Vestmannaeyjar. The airline is no longer operational.


The airline was founded in 1983 to attract more tourists to Vestmannaeyjar and provide services to the inhabitants. In 2001 Flugfélag Vestmannaeyja started scheduled flights between Vestmannaeyjar and Bakki, and 30.000 passengers are carried on this flight each year.

With the impending opening of a new harbor and ferry terminal close to Bakki airport and with dwindling business the airline has ceased operations as of May 2010.

Previous destinations

(as of May 2009)
  • Bakki Airport (BIBA) in Bakki
  • Selfoss Airport (BISF) in Selfoss
  • Vestmannaeyjar Airport (VEY / BIVM) in Heimaey, Vestmannaeyjar


    Flugfélag Vestmannaeyja fleet (as of April 2008):

  • 2 Partenavia P.68
  • 1 Piper Chieftain
  • 1 Britten Norman Islander