Flow may refer to:

Science and technology

  • Flow (fluid) or fluid dynamics, the motion of a gas or liquid
  • Flow (geomorphology), a type of mass wasting or slope movement in geomorphology
  • Flow (mathematics), a group action of the real numbers on a set
  • Flow (psychology), a mental state of being fully immersed and focused
  • Flow, a spacecraft of NASA's GRAIL program


  • Calligra Flow, free diagramming software
  • Microsoft Flow, a workflow toolkit in Microsoft Dynamics
  • Neos Flow, a free and open source web application framework written in PHP
  • webMethods Flow, a graphical programming language
  • FLOW (programming language), an educational programming language from the 1970s

    Arts, entertainment and media

  • Flow (journal), an online journal of television and media studies
  • Flow (video game)
  • Flow (comics), a fictional character in the International Ultramarine Corps
  • Flow 93.5, the Canadian radio station CFXJ-FM
  • Flow FM (Australia), a radio station

    Film and television

  • Flow (television), the sequencing of TV material from one element to the next
  • Flow TV, a network of Ripe Digital Entertainment
  • Flow: For Love of Water, a 2008 documentary film
  • Flow (1996 film), a 1996 film by Quentin Lee
  • Flow (2014 film), also known as Ækte vare, 2014 film by Fenar Ahmad


  • Flow (rapping), the rhythms and rhymes of a hip-hop song's lyrics and how they interact
  • Flow (American band), a new age band
  • Flow (Japanese band), a rock group
  • Flow (rapper) (Widner DeGruy, born 1991)
  • Flow (Terence Blanchard album), 2005
  • Flow (Conception album), 1997
  • Flow (Foetus album), 2001
  • The Flow, a 1997 album by Chris Leslie
  • "Flow", a song by Cage the Elephant from the 2011 album Thank You, Happy Birthday
  • "Flow", a song by Sade from the 2000 album Lovers Rock
  • "Flow", a song by Transister from the 1998 album Transister

    Other uses

  • Flow (brand), a Caribbean telecommunications provider
  • Flow (policy debate), a form of note-taking in policy debate and public forum debate
  • FLOW (Belgium), a national health care network
  • Football League of West Godavari, an Indian football league