Fidèle or Fidele may refer to:
  • Auguste Amant Constant Fidèle Edouart (1789–1861), French-born portrait artist
  • Bourg-Fidèle a commune in the Ardennes department in northern France
  • Cœur fidèle, 1923 French drama film directed by Jean Epstein
  • Elie Odon Fidèle Rasoanaivo, Malagasy politician
  • Fidèle (dog) (2003–2016), a yellow Labrador and tourist attraction in Bruges, Belgium
  • Fidèle Agbatchi (born 1950), retired Beninese Roman Catholic archbishop
  • Fidèle Moungar (born 1948), Chadian doctor and a veteran politician who served as Prime Minister of Chad in 1993
  • Florent Fidèle Constant Bourgeois (born 1767), French landscape painter, engraver, and lithographer
  • Je te serai fidèle, 2003 French language album by Canadian singer Roch Voisine
  • Jean-Fidele Diramba (born 1952), former football referee from the African state of Gabon
  • La Femme fidèle, play by French playwright Pierre de Marivaux