Fearless or The Fearless may refer to:


  • Lack of fear
  • Courage or bravery

    Film, television and audio

  • Fearless (1978 film), an Italian film
  • Fearless (1993 film), a drama directed by Peter Weir and starring Jeff Bridges
  • Fearless (2006 film), an action film starring Jet Li
  • Fearless (TV pilot), a TV pilot based on the Francine Pascal series, starring Rachael Leigh Cook
  • Fearless (TV series), 2017 British television crime thriller
  • The Fearless, an audio drama series based on the TV series Doctor Who
  • DGUSA Fearless, a professional wrestling pay-per-view event
  • Fearless (1999 film), a New Zealand television film produced by South Pacific Pictures
  • Fearless, a 2008 gay pornographic film produced by Treasure Island Media
  • Bobby "Fearless" Smith, a fictional character in the TV series Boomtown
  • Fearless, a compilation of the three David Blaine TV specials Street Magic, Magic Man, and Frozen in Time

    Television episodes

  • "Fearless" (Beverly Hills, 90210)
  • "Fearless" (Boomtown)
  • "Fearless" (Fallen Angels)
  • "Fearless" (Rescue: Special Ops)
  • "Fearless" (Tutenstein)
  • "Fearless" (The Wizard of Oz)


  • Fearless (Angel novel), a 2003 novel based on the American TV series Angel
  • Fearless (Lott novel), a 2007 novel by Tim Lott
  • Fearless, A Novel of Sarah Bowman, a 1998 novel by Lucia St. Clair Robson
  • Fearless, a novel by T. E. Berry-Hart
  • Fearless, a novel by Cornelia Funke
  • Fearless, a novel by Rafael Yglesias
  • Fearless (novel series), juvenile novels by Francine Pascal
  • Fearless (comics), a limited series by Mark Sable and P.J. Holden from Image Comics



  • Fearless (Acrania album), 2015
  • Fearless (Cowboy Mouth album), 2008
  • Fearless (Crystal Lewis album), or the title song, 2000
  • Fearless (Eighth Wonder album), 1988
  • Fearless (Family album), 1971
  • Fearless (Francis Dunnery album), 1994
  • Fearless (Group 1 Crew album), 2012
  • Fearless (Jazmine Sullivan album), 2008
  • Fearless (Keri Noble album), 2004
  • Fearless (Marvaless album), 1998
  • Fearless (Nina Hagen album), 1984
  • Fearless (Phillips, Craig and Dean album), 2009
  • Fearless (S7N album), 2013
  • Fearless (Taylor Swift album), or the title song (see below), 2008
  • Fearless (Terri Clark album), 2000
  • Fearless (Tim Curry album), 1979
  • Fearless (Travis Ryan album), 2012
  • Fearless (Virtue album), 2016
  • Fearless (Fleur East album), 2020
  • Fearless, by Collin Raye, 2006
  • Fearless, by Marina Kaye, 2015
  • Fearless, by Vaughn, 2001


  • Fearless (G.E.M. EP), 2018
  • Fearless (Jay Chou EP), 2006


  • "Fearless" (The Bravery song), 2005
  • "Fearless" (Pink Floyd song), 1971
  • "Fearless" (Taylor Swift song), 2010
  • "Fearless" (Wes Carr song), 2009
  • "Fearless", by Colbie Caillat from Breakthrough
  • "Fearless", by Goo Goo Dolls from Miracle Pill
  • "Fearless", by Gromee ft. May-Britt Scheffer
  • "Fearless", by Hypocrisy from Virus
  • "Fearless", by Louis Tomlinson from Walls
  • "Fearless", by Michelle Williams
  • "Fearless", by Ozzy Osbourne from Scream
  • "Fearless", by VNV Nation from Futureperfect


  • Fearless Records, an American record label
  • Fearless Management, an American management company specializing in music


  • HMS Fearless, various ships of the British Royal Navy
  • USS Fearless, various ships the United States Navy
  • Fearless-class landing platform dock, a class of British Royal Navy amphibious warfare ships
  • Fearless-class patrol vessel, Republic of Singapore Navy
  • Fearless (tugboat), Canadian-built 1945 vessel currently in Port Adelaide, Australia