Fault commonly refers to:
  • Fault (geology), planar rock fractures showing evidence of relative movement
  • Fault (law), blameworthiness or responsibility

    Fault(s) may also refer to:

    Arts, entertainment, and media

  • "Fault", a song by Taproot from Welcome
  • Faults (film), 2014
  • Fault Milestone One, a video game
  • Fault Milestone Two, video game sequel to the above

    Science and technology

  • Fault (computing), also called a trap or an exception, a type of interrupt in software or operating systems
  • Fault (technology), an abnormal condition or defect that may lead to a failure
  • Electrical fault, an abnormal current

    Sport and competition

  • Fault (breeding), an undesirable aspect of structure or appearance of an animal
  • Fault, in tennis jargon, a serve that fails to place a tennis ball in the correct area of play
  • Fault, a penalty in show jumping