An expo is a trade exposition. It may also refer to:

Events and venues

  • World's fair, a large international public exposition
  • Singapore Expo, convention and exposition venue
  • Expo Axis, one of the world's largest membrane roofs, constructed for the 2010 Shanghai Expo
  • Expo MRT station, part of the Singapore MRT Changi Airport Extension, built to handle fluctuating passenger volumes due to events at the adjacent Singapore Expo
  • Expo Tel Aviv, convention and exhibition venue

    Arts, entertainment, and media


  • Expo (album), a 2005 album by Robert Schneider/Marbles
  • Expo (Magnus Lindberg), a 2009 10-minute musical composition by Magnus Lindberg
  • Expo (Stockhausen), a 1970 composition for three players by Karlheinz Stockhausen

    Other arts, entertainment, and media

  • Expo (magazine), an anti-fascist magazine
  • Expo Channel, a home shopping channel in Australia
  • Windows Live Expo (codenamed Fremont), a former online classified ads website and social media marketplace

    Brands and enterprises

  • Expo Design Center, a chain of high end home furnishing and decor stores owned by The Home Depot
  • Expo Dry Erase Products, Sanford Corp's brand of dry erase markers
  • LG eXpo, a mobile phone

    Other uses

  • Montreal Expos, a baseball team located in Montreal from 1969 to 2004