Evil Eye

Evil Eye may refer to:
  • Evil eye, a look that is believed by many cultures to be able to cause injury or bad luck for the person at whom it is directed


  • The Evil Eye (1913 film), an American silent short starring Mary Ryan
  • The Evil Eye (1917 film), an American silent feature by George Melford
  • The Evil Eye (1920 serial), an American silent action film series by J. Gordon Cooper and Wally Van
  • The Evil Eye (1937 film), a Belgian feature by Charles Dekeukeleire
  • The Evil Eye (1963 film) or The Girl Who Knew Too Much, an Italian giallo by Mario Bava
  • Evil Eyes, a 2004 American horror film by Mark Atkins

    Television episodes

  • "The Evil Eye" (Happy Days)
  • "The Evil Eye" (Inhumanoids)
  • "Evil Eye" (Seeing Things)
  • "Evil Eye" (Taggart)
  • "Evil Eyes" (72 Hours: True Crime)


  • "Evil Eye" (Franz Ferdinand song) by Franz Ferdinand from Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action
  • "Evil Eye" (KT Tunstall song), a 2016 song by KT Tunstall from KIN
  • "Evil Eye", a song by Beady Eye from BE
  • "Evil Eyes", a song by Dio from The Last in Line
  • "Evil Eye", a song by Yngwie Malmsteen from Rising Force
  • "Evil Eye", a song by Takida from ...Make You Breathe

    Other uses

  • "The Evil Eye" (1830 short fiction) by Mary Shelley
  • Evil Eye (comics), a fictional disembodied eye in Whoopee!! comics
  • Evil Eye of Avalon or the Evil Eye, a fictional magical artifact in the Marvel Universe
  • The Evil Eye (Ravenloft), a 1996 adventure module for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
  • An Evil Eye, a 2011 novel by Jason Goodwin