Enemy Inside

The Enemy Inside}}Enemy Inside is a dark rock and modern metal band, founded in Aschaffenburg, Germany in 2017.


The band was formed by singer Nastassja Giulia and guitar player Evan K (Mystic Prophecy, Exit Eden, ex-Cypecore) who have found their own sound, somewhere between dark rock and modern metal, through a wide range of musical experimentation. Their music strikes hard guitar riffs with melodic vocals and melodic guitar solos.

In June 2018, Enemy Inside announced their debut album Phoenix to be released by ROAR in September 2018.In August 2018, the band released their first singles & video clips "Falling Away", "Oblivion" and "Lullaby" on YouTube.

Georg Neuhauser, the singer of the symphonic/progressive power metal band Serenity, appears also as a guest and performs alongside Giulia on the song "Doorway to Salvation". The album reached after few days of its release Nr.28 in the German iTunes Metal Top releases and Nr.74 in the US.

Band members

  • Nastassja Giulia - vocals
  • Evan K - lead guitar (Mystic Prophecy, Exit Eden)
  • David Hadarick - rhythm guitar
  • Dominik Stotzem - bass (ex-Beyond The Bridge)
  • Feli Keith - drums (ex-Aloha from Hell)


    ;Singles & EP's
  • Falling Away (2018)
  • Oblivion (2018)
  • Lullaby (2018)

    ;Studio albums
  • Phoenix (2018)


  • [ Dark Skies] (2019)
  • [ Phoenix] (2019)
  • [ Doorwaty To Salvation] (2019)
  • [ Falling Away] (2018)
  • [ Oblivion] (2018)
  • [ Lullaby] (2018)