Eliminator may refer to:

Film and television

  • Eliminators (1986 film), a science fiction film
  • Eliminators (2016 film), an action/thriller film
  • Eliminator (game show), a CITV children's show presented by Michael Underwood
  • "The Eliminator", an episode of the DIC cartoon G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero
  • The Eliminators, a professional wrestling tag team that consisted of John Kronus and Perry Saturn
  • The Eliminator, a ring name of professional wrestler John Kronus
  • The Eliminator (film), a 2004 action film


  • Eliminator (album), a 1983 studio album by ZZ Top
  • The Eliminators, a band which covered "The Saint" from Surfbeat Behind the Iron Curtain, Volume 1

    Sports and games

  • Eliminator (1988 video game), a 3D-shooter video game for 16-bit home computers
  • Eliminator (1981 video game), a multi-directional shooter space combat video game
  • The Eliminator (video game), a 1981 game for the TRS-80
  • The Eliminator (American Gladiators), an event from the television series American Gladiators


  • Eliminator (funny car), a series of Funny Cars driven by Don Nicholson
  • Eliminator (G.I. Joe), a fictional vehicle from the G.I. Joe Battleforce 2000 toy line
  • Kawasaki Eliminator, a line of cruiser-style motorcycles
  • The Eliminator (ZZ Top), a custom car built for ZZ Top