Ebb Tide

Ebb Tide may refer to:

  • Ebb tide, the period between high tide and low tide when the sea level falls

    Films and television

  • Ebb Tide (1922 film), an American silent adventure film
  • Ebb Tide (1932 film), a British drama film
  • Ebb Tide (1937 film), an American Technicolor adventure film
  • "Ebb Tide" (The Wire), an episode of the TV series


  • "Ebb Tide" (song), a 1953 song written by Carl Sigman and Robert Maxwell
  • Gettin' Up, also released as Ebb Tide, a 1967 album by Johnny "Hammond" Smith
  • Nino and the Ebb Tides, or The Ebb Tides, an American doo-wop group

    Other uses

  • Ebb Tide (ship), a 1956 American vessel
  • The Ebb-Tide, an 1894 short novel by Robert Louis Stevenson