Drifter(s) or The Drifter(s) may refer to:

Moving-image works

  • The Drifter, animated web series produced by Stan Lee Media
  • Drifters (TV series), British television series


  • The Drifter (1917 film), American, directed by Fred Kelsey
  • The Drifters (film), 1919 American, starring J. Warren Kerrigan
  • Drifters (1929 film), British documentary by John Grierson
  • The Drifter (1929 film), American, starring Tom Mix
  • The Drifter (1932 film), American, directed by William A. O'Connor
  • The Drifter (1944 film), American Western Billy the Kid film directed by Sam Newfield
  • The Drifter (1988 film), American, starring Kim Delaney and Timothy Bottoms
  • Drifters (2003 film), Chinese, directed by Wang Xiaoshuai
  • Drifters (2011 film), Italian drama starring Asia Argento
  • Drifters (2015 film), Swedish
  • Drifter (film), 2016 American post-apocalyptic thriller
  • Drifter: Henry Lee Lucas, 2009 film based on serial killer Henry Lee Lucas starring Antonio Sabàto, Jr. as Lucas


  • The Drifters (novel), 1971 novel by James A. Michener
  • Drifter series (Drifter, Drifter’s Run, and Drifter’s War) by William C. Dietz
  • Drifters (manga), 2009 Japanese manga by Kouta Hirano


  • Drifter (fishing boat), type of herring boat
  • Naval drifter, naval boat similar to the fishing boats



  • Drifters (Swedish band), Swedish dans-band
  • The Shadows, British group originally known as the Drifters
  • The Drifters, Irish band fronted by Joe Dolan
  • Drifter, Noisia's side project from 2005 to 2009
  • The Drifters, an American doo wop/R&B vocal group
  • The Drifters (Japanese band), a rock band and comedy act


  • Drifters/Love Is The Devil, a 2013 album by Dirty Beaches
  • Drifter (Sylvia album)
  • Drifter (Lynn Verlayne album), 2010


  • "Drifter" (song), a 1981 song by Sylvia, track song from the similarly titled album
  • "Drifter" (Brookes Brothers and Furlonge song), B-side of 2008 hit "Tear You Down"
  • "Drifter", by Amy Lee featuring Dave Edgar from Lee's album Aftermath
  • "Drifter", by David Gates from his album Goodbye Girl
  • "Drifter", by Deep Purple from their album Come Taste the Band
  • "Drifter", by Falling In Reverse from their album Fashionably Late
  • "Drifter", by In Flames from their album Reroute to Remain
  • "Drifter", by Iron Maiden from their album Killers
  • "Drifter", by Karmin from their album Pulses
  • "The Drifter", by Little River Band from their album After Hours
  • "Drifters", by Patrick Watson from their album Close to Paradise

    Other uses

  • Kawasaki Vulcan 800 Drifter or Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 Drifter, motorcycles manufactured from 1999-2006
  • Drifter (chocolate), a Nestlé chocolate bar in the UK
  • Drifter (drill), a rock or ground drill
  • Someone engaged in drifting (motorsport)
  • Lockwood Drifter, an ultralight aircraft
  • A vagrant who moves from place to place without a fixed home or employment