Deuda (genre)

Deuda (geet) is a Nepali genre of song and dance. Subgenres include Thadi Bhakha, Rateri, Hudkeuli and Dhamari. Deuda is presented in the far western region of Nepal, Sudur paschim and many regions of Madhya-paschim in the occasion of various festivals, such as Gaura. Deuda songs are very popular in Dailekh, Kalikot, Jumla, Achham, Bajang, Doti, Dadeldhura, Baitadi, Bajura and Darchula. It is performed by group of male and female. It is performed during the feasts and festivals. It is especially performed without any musical instument and both males and females join their hands and legs and move around by singing a song. It is the form of Folk songs in Nepal. Birendra Johari is active singer of this [ deuda song].He has recorded dozen of deuda songs and has been actively participating in preserving this [ deuda song].