Deewana (TV series)

Deewana ( ديوانہ }}; lit:Madman) is a Pakistani television drama serial which was aired on 11 May 2016 on Hum TV. It airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:10 pm PST. It stars Waseem Abbas and his wife Saba Waseem Abbas as their debut in the role of brother-in-law and sister-in-law respectively. It is computerized magical drama serial reflecting magicians Falak (Shehroz Sabzwari) and his mother (Hina Khawaja Bayat).


Deewana is a story of two brothers, Subhan (Tariq Jameel) and Tabrez (Waseem Abbas). As a younger brother, Tabrez considers Subhan as his father. Subhan Qureshi is married to Shamma (Saba Hameed) and later loses his ability to talk. Tabrez is married to Abdun (Farah Shah). Subhan and Shamma have a son, Shayan and a daughter, Mehru/Mehr Sultana (Iqra Aziz). Tabrez has a son, Harris (Junaid Akhter) and a daughter, Rabia. Shayan falls in love with Rabia and marries her. One day Shayan and Rabia have a fight. Rabia expresses her dislike for Shayan. Shayan grabs his pistol, but Rabia snatches it from him. By the time the rest of the family arrives, Rabia shoots Shayan and commits suicide.

This leads to a fight between the two families because Tabrez and his family think that Mehru killed Rabia. But after a court decision, Tabrez apologizes to Subhan and his wife. Shamma does not forgive him but Subhan does. Mehru and Harris like each other. Shamma decides the marriage date between them. Harris was also angry with Mehru for shooting his sister, but they forgive each other. Later they both get married. Tabrez has decided to take revenge for his daughter's murder from Mehru so he asks Harris to leave her on their wedding night. Harris was upset that he had to betray his wife like that but he did it leaving a note from his father to Shamma telling her that they had taken their revenge. Mehru wakes up and finds the note. She runs after Harris trying find him but could not. It was also raining heavily that night. While running she falls down in front of Falak's (Shehroz Sabzwari) cycle. Mehru faints. Falak carries her to his home. There he tries to wake her up, but Falak's mother Husn Ara (Hina Bayat) arrives and tells him to take her to her own people (humans), as both of them are jinns. Abdun's (Farah Shah) cousin Shabnam (Fazila Qazi) lives near Mehru's house and she sees Falak bring Mehru back and immediately informs Abdun (Farah Shah) about it.

Falak once again goes to Mehrus house where he finds her depressed and somehow learns all her story. He is fascinated by Mehru and keeps helping her out whenever Mehru is upset, despite Falak's mother expressing her unhappiness and fears about Falak's growing attachment with Mehru. Meanwhile, Falak and Husn Ara are actually hiding, Husn Ara is worried because of a jinn (Aly Khan) Who wants to marry her and who also has murdered her husband Agha Wali and became the Agha (head of the jinns tribe) himself. The fact is Falak is the one who should become the Agha after his father, Husn Ara keeps an eye on Falak from a magic mirror because she is worried that Agha would hurt him. Falak often asks her why she fears Agha and never lets him roam around the world free but Husn Ara never lets him know because if she will she knows despite looking jolly and angerless if Falak is enraged he can kill Agha or anyone who has angered him. And she does not want her son to get involved in any such thing and always teaches him to love and forgive. When Agha finds out where Falak and Husn Ara are hiding, He threatens her to come to him otherwise he will hurt Falak. Husn Ara gets worried and Falak finds a way of getting closer to Mehru. As Mehrus family is going through crisis they decide to rent a portion of their house. Shabnam to get more involved in the families matters offers Shamma four lakhs rent for the portion with advance but Falak arrives in time and offers ten lakhs. Shamma gets confused but finally after some questions gives the portion to Falak. Gaiti Shabnams cunning and outspoken daughter falls in love with Falak. While Falak just being friendly treats her like a friend.

Falak and Mehru become closer as time passes. He takes her to meet Harris in Lahore as Mehru still hopes to reconcile with her husband. However, when Mehru meets Harris he insults her and her family, causing Mehru to slap him. Leaving Harris shocked, Falak and Mehru leave. That night, for the first time, Falak takes Mehru to his own world (the jinn world). Mehru does not understand exactly where she is, but she is enchanted by her surroundings and finds herself falling in love with Falak. She seems to finally find happiness and peace.

Falak's mother, Husn Ara, calls Falak back home. Upon reaching home, Mehru develops a high fever and falls in an odd state of unconsciousness. Shamma cannot understand what is wrong with her daughter and Husn Ara believes this is Falak's doing. When Falak comes to meet Mehru and calls her name, she hears his voice and strangely and abruptly wakes from her state of unconsciousness. She runs into his arms, to the astonishment of her family and Husn Ara. She weeps and asks him why he brought her back to all this pain when finally, she was happy with him.

Later, Husn Ara accuses Falak of bringing Mehru under his spell and using his powers to manipulate her emotions. This accusation brings Falak to his knees. In tears, Falak professes to his mother and Shams that he has not cast any spell on Mehru. He is simply and deeply in love with her. He swears that he never influenced her feelings for him. Husn Ara is surprised to hear this declaration but she believes her son.

With the passage of time, Harris becomes estranged from his family as he discovers he is an adopted child and that is why his parents mourn the death of their daughter so much more. He leaves his family to go back to Mehru but finds that it is too late. Mehru can no longer find a place in her heart for Harris. Concurrently, she is also confused by Falak who always manages to cheer her up with his antics but does not seem to have clear answers for any of her questions.

In an effort to keep Falak away from Mehru, Husn Ara traps Falak in his room using her powers. Somehow, Mehru manages to enter the room and release Falak although the human eye cannot ordinarily see past such magic. Falak calls it a miracle of their love and is overjoyed to be reunited with Mehru. However, he cannot answer her when she asks him if he intends to marry her once she divorces Harris.

Meanwhile, Harris grows increasingly agitated when Mehru insists she no longer loves him. He barges into her room one fateful night and tries to force himself on her. Falak saves Mehru and throws Harris off her. Mehru is terrified and screams for her mother. Subhan Qureshi, Mehru's father, cannot take the stress of Harris's accusations against Mehru's character. Falak tries to save Mehru's father but his efforts are hampered when Agha intercedes and captures Falak. Falak is now trapped in the jinn world.

Mehru cannot understand what has happened. She is traumatized by her father's death and by everyone accusing Falak of killing him. A moulvi sahib reveals to Mehru and her mother that Falak belonged to the family of jinns. During this time, Harris tries repeatedly to reunite with Mehru but she cannot seem to forget about Falak and thwarts his advances.

Back in the Jinn world, Husn Ara and Shams save Falak from Agha. He returns to Mehru, just in time to yet again, save her life. Now, when Mehru finally finds out that Falak is not human, she is terrified of him. She asks him how she could ever have loved him if he is not even human. For that, Falak has no answer. He is distressed because it seems he cannot give Mehru what she needs unless he is human. In her dreams, Mehru's father visits her. He gently brings her to terms with her feelings. Her conversation with him makes her realize, that her love for Falak is genuine and otherworldly. They complete each other. Falak may not be human, but he resides in her heart.

Falak finds a way to become human. The catch is, that he can never go back to his old world and can never turn back to his old form. He decides he is ready to leave everything to become human for Mehru. However, Mehru is poisoned by Harris's new wife, Gaiti, before she can truly reunite with a human Falak. And for the first time, Falak is unable to prevent harm coming Mehru's way as he is a mere mortal. Falak returns to her, eagerly declares that he is now human for her, only to find Mehru dying.

A distraught Falak carries Mehru outside and runs in the rain. This ending is symmetrical to their first meeting, when Mehru met Falak in the rain and bumped into his bicycle. Falak cries for help. The ending is left ambiguous and open for the viewer. We do not know if Mehru survived or if Falak had to be human without her. The ending strikes a chord with the title referring to Falak who was "deewana" for Mehru to a limitless extent.

Deewana's opening theme speaks about an irrevocable, blind and limitless love. It is the kind of love which supersedes existence. Against all odds, Falak and Mehru defied nature and loved each other just as deeply.


  • Shehroz Sabzwari as Falak (Djinn);
    A jinn of age 500 years and Husnara's son, with a cheerful, impish and kind personality. He slowly falls in love with Mehru and vows to protect her at all costs. Portrayed by Behroze's legend son, Shehroz Sabzwari who previously worked in channel's Maana Ka Gharana.
  • Iqra Aziz as Meher Sultana (Mehru);
    Shamma and Subhan's daughter, Rabia's cousin & Shayan's sister, A young woman who actually loves Haris but because of Haris' betrayal she grows to hates him. She befriends the mischievous but loving Falak and eventually falls in love with him. Portrayed by popular actress, Iqra Aziz whose previous records include Laaj, Naatak, Choti Si Zindagi and Muqaddas
  • Junaid Akhter as Haris;
    A male lead protagonist who is step-son of Tabrez and Amtul, who betrays Mehru. Portrayed by Junaid Akhter, who appeared in Kitna Satatay Ho.
  • Waseem Abbas as Tabrez
  • Saba Hameed as Shamma
  • Tariq Jameel as Subhan/Qureshi Sahab
  • Hina Khawaja Bayat as Husanara (Djinn mother)
  • Waseem Tirmaizi as Shayan (Mehru's brother, Tabrez's nephew and son-in-law, Shamma and Subhan's son)
  • Farah Shah as Amdun (Harris's mother, Shabnam's cousin)
  • Fazila Qazi as Shabnam
  • Anita Campher as Chandabi
  • Ahson Talish Director
  • Alyy Khan as Agha
  • Mizna Waqas as Geti
  • Shazia Qaiser
  • Akbar Khan
  • Anwar Baloch
  • Ahmed Mujtaba
  • Tauqeer
  • Anita Kaneez