Deewaanapan (English: Insanity) is a 2001 Indian Hindi romantic movie, released on 16 November 2001. It stars Arjun Rampal and Dia Mirza and is directed by Ashu Trikha. Om Puri and Vinod Khanna have supporting roles.


Suraj Saxena (Arjun Rampal) lives in a remote hill station in India with his dad (Om Puri), mom (Smita Jaykar), and sister, Asha (Amita Nangia). One day he meets with Kiran Choudhary (Dia Mirza), who has come on a holiday trip with a group of girls. He offers to show her around and they fall in love with each other. Suraj is unable to see her home by the train as his dad has chest pains and has to be rushed to the hospital. But Suraj is unable to get Kiran out of his mind and heart. Before his sister gets married, the family decide to relocate to Mumbai, where Suraj enlists in College and makes several new friends, as well as becomes a popular basketball player. He eventually meets Kiran and both renew their romance. Ranvir Choudhary (Vinod Khanna) does not appreciate the attention of a poor man like Suraj on his daughter, and has Suraj brought up before him and introduced to his many friends, which include prominent lawyers, politicians, high ranking civil and municipal employees, the police commissioner as well as the state chief minister. Suraj is warned of dire consequences if he and his family do not leave town immediately. Suraj does not leave town, and hell descends on his family and himself. His mother is unable to purchase food and is publicly humiliated; his father is followed around by Ranvir's goons, harassed, and robbed, and then faces the ultimate humiliation of being publicly arrested, handcuffed, and imprisoned on charges of conspiring against the country and loses his job; and some of Suraj's friends exile him. With so much pressure on him, will Suraj relent and leave the city, or will he let his dad rot in prison? Ranvir has sworn to kill Suraj, and if he does so, what will happen to Suraj's mom?



  • Director: Ashu Trikha
  • Screenplay: Ashu Trikha
  • Story: Ashu Trikha
  • Dialogue: Ashu Trikha
  • Producers: Vashu Bhagnani
  • Music: Aadesh Shrivastav
  • Cinematography: Samir Chanda
  • Production Designer: Samir Chanda
  • Lyrics: Sameer
  • Chereographer: Ganesh Acharya, Longines Fernandes, Ahmed Khan


    The songs for Deewaanapan was composed by Aadesh Shrivastava and lyrics written by Sameer.

    Awards and nominations

    Star Screen Awards

  • Star Screen Award for Most Promising Newcomer – Male: Arjun Rampal

  • Star Screen Award for Most Promising Newcomer – Female: Dia Mirza

    Zee Cine Awards

  • Zee Cine Award for Best Male Debut: Arjun Rampal