Deep Blue

Deep Blue may refer to:


  • Deep Blues: A Musical Pilgrimage to the Crossroads, a 1992 documentary film about Mississippi Delta blues music
  • Deep Blue (2001 film), a film by Dwight H. Little
  • Deep Blue (2003 film), a film using footage from The Blue Planet


  • Deep Blue (musician), electronic and drum and bass musician
  • Deep Blue Organ Trio, a Chicago-based jazz organ trio


  • Deep Blue (Parkway Drive album) (2010)
  • Deep Blue (Mark Peters and Elliot Ireland album) (2015)
  • Deep Blue (Peter Mulvey album) (1997)
  • Deep Blue: Chaos from Darkism, a 2006 album by Balzac
  • Deep Blue: Chaos from Darkism II, a 2006 album by Balzac
  • The Deep Blue, a 2007 album by Charlotte Hatherley
  • Deep Blue, a 2001 album by Keiko Matsui


  • "Deep Blue" (song), a song by George Harrison
  • "Deep Blue", a song by Ladytron from Velocifero
  • "Deep Blue", a song by Angra from Holy Land
  • "Deep Blue", a song by Arcade Fire from The Suburbs

    Other uses

  • Deep Blue (chess computer), a chess-playing computer developed by IBM that defeated world champion Garry Kasparov in 1997
  • Deep Blue (comics), a superhero in the post-Crisis DC Universe
  • Deep Blue (novel), a novel based on Doctor Who
  • Deep Blue (video game), a 1989 underwater shooter video game
  • Deep Blue (Tokyo Mew Mew), a character from Tokyo Mew Mew
  • Deep Blue, an institutional repository of the University of Michigan Library
  • Deep Blue, a great white shark observed in the Pacific Ocean