Days Turn Blue to Gray

"Days Turn Blue to Gray" is a single by American heavy metal band Machine Head.


The title track is taken off of the 2003/2004 album Through the Ashes of Empires. The single was only made available through mail order from Britain or at Machine Head gigs during their 2004 UK tour. "Seasons Wither" was previously not available outside of North America. "The Rage to Overcome" was played at the 10th anniversary show of Burn My Eyes in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, for the first time in over five years.

UK cds

# "Days Turn Blue to Gray" - 4:25 # "Seasons Wither" - 6:14 # "The Rage to Overcome" (Live) - 4:45

UK 7" vinyl

# "Days Turn Blue to Gray" - 5:29 # "Seasons Wither" - 6:14

UK promo

# "Days Turn Blue to Gray" - 4:25 # "Seasons Wither" (Edit) - 6:14


  • Robert Flynn – lead vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Adam Duce – bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Dave McClain – drums –*Phil Demmel - lead guitarCategory:Machine Head (band) songs Category:2004 singles Category:2003 songs Category:Roadrunner Records singles Category:Songs written by Robb Flynn Category:Songs written by Dave McClain (drummer) Category:Songs written by Phil Demmel