Dark Angel

Dark Angel may refer to:


  • The Dark Angel (1925 film), a silent film starring Ronald Colman and Vilma Banky, now a lost film
  • The Dark Angel (1935 film), a film starring Fredric March and Merle Oberon
  • Dark Angel (1990 film), or I Come in Peace, a science fiction thriller featuring Dolph Lundgren
  • Dark Angel: The Ascent, a 1994 film starring Angela Featherstone
  • Dark Angel (1996 film), a TV detective film starring Eric Roberts
  • Bettie Page: Dark Angel, a 2004 biographical film
  • "Dark Angel", a 2009 short film tribute to Sophie Lancaster


  • Dark Angel (video game), a 2002 game based on the 2000 TV series
  • Dark Angel: Vampire Apocalypse, a 2001 hack-and-slash video game


  • Dark Angel (Andrews novel), a 1986 novel in the Casteel series by V.C. Andrews
  • Dark Angel (Dale novel), a 1995 novel by John Dale
  • The Dark Angel (Waltari novel), a 1952 novel by Mika Waltari
  • The Darkangel Trilogy, a series of fantasy novels by Meredith Ann Pierce
  • Dark Angel (DC Comics), a character in Wonder Woman comics
  • Dark Angel (Marvel Comics) or Shevaun Haldane, a fictional superheroine from the Marvel Comics imprint Marvel UK
  • Warren Worthington III or Dark Angel, a character in Marvel Comics' X-Men
  • Dark Angel (manga), a manga by Kia Asamiya
  • Dark Angel, a novel by David Klass
  • The Dark Angel, a novel by Elly Griffiths
  • "The Dark Angel", a poem by Lionel Johnson
  • Dark Angel or Kathisul Evin, a character and herald of Galactus in Marvel UK's Cyberspace 3000


  • Dark Angel (band), an American thrash metal band
  • Dark Angel (Lee Hyori album)
  • "Dark Angel", a song by Blue Rodeo from Five Days in July
  • "Darkangel", a song by VNV Nation from Empires
  • "Dark Angel", a song by Benny Joy
  • "Dark Angel", a 1996 song by Electronic from Raise the Pressure


  • Dark Angel (2000 TV series), an American science fiction series starring Jessica Alba
  • Dark Angel (2016 TV series), a British true crime television mini-series
  • "Dark Angel", a 1972 episode of Kung Fu
  • The Dark Angel, a 1987 UK serial based on Uncle Silas by J. Sheridan Le Fanu

    Other uses

  • Dark Angel (horse), an Irish-bred, British-trained Thoroughbred
  • Dark Angel (wrestler) or Sarah Stock, Canadian professional wrestler
  • Detroit Dark Angels, women's semi-professional American football team
  • Angel Gabriele or Dark Angel (1956–2016), American comic book creator and professional wrestling manager
  • Dark Angel, a rock column in Arches National Park, Utah, U.S.