Dance with the devil

Dance with the Devil may refer to:

  • Dance with the Devil (film) or Perdita Durango, a 1997 Spanish film
  • "Dance with the Devil" (instrumental), a 1973 solo drum instrumental by Cozy Powell
  • "Dance with the Devil", an instrumental by UB40 from UB40
  • "Dance with the Devil", a song by Breaking Benjamin from Phobia
  • "Dance with the Devil" (Immortal Technique song), a song by Immortal Technique from Revolutionary Vol. 1
  • "Dance with the Devil", a song by The Sounds from Something to Die For
  • "Dance with the Devil", a song by Katy Perry from Witness (Katy Perry album)
  • "Dance with the Devil", the book written by David Bagby which includes the experience of the murder of Zachary Turner.