Dance Band

Dance Band is a 1935 British musical film directed by Marcel Varnel and starring Charles 'Buddy' Rogers, June Clyde and Steven Geray.


When dance band leader Buddy Milton (Charles 'Buddy' Rogers) competes in a contest with a female orchestra, he falls in love with its leader, Pat Shelley (June Clyde). Intense rivalry between the two bands and the machinations of a crooked business manager (Fred Duprez), serve as romantic obstacles along the way.


  • Charles 'Buddy' Rogers - Buddy Milton
  • June Clyde - Pat Shelley
  • Steven Geray - Steve Sarel
  • Magda Kun - Anna
  • Fred Duprez - Lewis
  • Albert Whelan - Tommy Bourne
  • Sybil Jason - Little Girl On Train
  • Hal Gordon - Spike
  • Fred Groves - Pantomime Act
  • Leon Sherkot - Jim
  • Richard Hearne - Acrobatic Drunk
  • Jack Holland - Dancer at Club
  • June Hart - Dancer at Club

    Critical reception

    The New York Times wrote, "In "Dance Band," the new film at the Fox Theatre in Brooklyn, Charles (Buddy) Rogers resumes the boyish smile and mannerisms that he employed so successfully a few years ago. Rather more successful as a musician than as a romantic actor, he displays his versatility by playing almost every instrument in his jazz orchestra with skill. The story concerns two rival band leaders, Mr. Rogers and June Clyde, who meet under amusing if rather shopworn circumstances...The music, except for an excellent number called the Valparaiso, is commonplace."