Dall may refer to:


  • Anders Bendssøn Dall (died 1607), Danish Lutheran bishop
  • Bobby Dall (born 1963), American musician
  • Caroline Healey Dall (1822–1912), American feminist writer
  • Clarrie Dall (1887–1953), Australian footballer
  • Curtis Bean Dall (1896–1991), American businessman and author
  • Cynthia Dall, (1971–2012) American musician
  • Evelyn Dall (1918–2010), American singer and actress
  • Ferdomhnach Dall (died 1110), Lector of Kildare and harpist
  • James Kyle Dall, first headmaster of Elmfield College
  • John Dall (1920–1971), American actor
  • Karl Dall (born 1941), German television presenter
  • Nicholas Thomas Dall (died 1777), Danish painter
  • Niels Dall (born 1984), Danish archer
  • William Healey Dall (1845–1927), American naturalist and malacologist
  • Dall Fields (1889–1956)


  • Dall Island, an island in the Alexander Archipelago
  • Dall Lake, a lake in Alaska, United States
  • Dall River Old Growth Provincial Park, a park in British Columbia, Canada


  • Dall sheep, a wild sheep of North America
  • Dall's porpoise, a species of porpoise
  • Dallara, an automobile chassis manufacturer