Dada (1999 film)

Dada is an action Hindi film made in 1999. A revenge drama, with Mithun in the lead role. Film was box office failure. Film was re run as an Aaj ka boss however both version were flop.


A story of a simpleton whose life changes when he witnesses a shoot-out of a Don and rescues him. The don takes him as his successor. How the negative elements of the underworld influence him forms the film's finale. Mithun (Devraj) went to the Mumbai along with his wife and his younger sister. He came to Mumbai in the night by bus and went along with his family to have some food. Suddenly he observed that one gunman came from Maruti Omni and started shooting a Don (Raza Murad) but Mithun took him hospital and saved his life. Later Don asks how he can help him. Mithun Chakraborty replies that he wants to earn more money. Don keeps him himself and provides the job. After some years, Don becomes happy with Mithun work and gave his designation to him with a new name DADA. Later Dada killed the goon in the whole crowd who has attempted to kill Don. Then Dada meets with a minister for the appointment of a sp (trikaal) in the Mumbai from the magpur. As dada is having a secret vengeance to that trikaal, theminister calls him to Mumbai.


  • Mithun Chakraborty as Police inspector Devraj/Dada Thakur
  • Swati as Kamna Arora
  • Dilip Tahil as Police commissioner Trikaal Chowdhry
  • Manvi Goswami as Rashmi
  • Ishrat Ali as Police inspector Kamli
  • Jasi Thakur
  • Rami Reddy as Yeshwant
  • Raza Murad as Akbar
  • Jack Gaud as Ranjit
  • Deepak Shirke as Anna
  • Arjun as Goon