Cultural Co-operation

Cultural Co-operation (CC) was a London-based arts and education charity. It was formed in 1987 in order to promote intercultural contact, dialogue and understanding. It did this through a programme of not-for-profit public activities that encouraged learning about and participation in the world’s diverse cultural heritage. The organisation has now (2017) been rebranded as Culture& with a focus on work-based training for the Arts and Heritage


The programme comprised 5 activity strands: #A Festival showcase (FS): the Music Village Festival, a free admission summer event that creates a safe and welcoming public “contact zone” for learning and about and celebrating world cultures. #An Artist Network (AN): this encourages cross-community creative collaborations between creative practitioners of diverse national and faith origin now living in London; it additionally provides network members with professional support to connect them and other excluded artists to one another and to the mainstream. #A year-round Education & Training Programme (E&T): this offers immersive learning in arts, heritage and citizenship skills in schools, museums & the workplace #Dialogue & Debate (D&D): seminars and conferences to generate understanding and trust between people of different national descent and/or religious belief through structured engagement with complex intercultural and interfaith issues. #Policy & Consultancy (P&C): that provides professional advice to official bodies, mainstream organisations and community groups in the form of analysis, reflection and insight into our diverse origins, distinctive world views and common values.