Crossing the Rubicon (Armageddon album)

Crossing the Rubicon was an album by the Swedish melodic death metal band Armageddon, released in Europe on the now defunct W.A.R. records, and in Japan on Toy's Factory records in 1997. The album features Christopher Amott of Arch Enemy, as well as former Arch Enemy members Peter Wildoer and Martin Bengtsson. The album was only released in Japan, briefly in Europe, and is extremely hard to find.

Track listing

#"2022" (Intro) – 1:59 (instrumental) #"Godforsaken" – 4:39 #"The Juggernaut Divine" – 5:18 #"Astral Adventure" – 4:59 #"Funeral in Space" – 3:01 (instrumental) #"Asteroid Dominion" – 4:38 #"Galaxies Away" – 3:49 (instrumental) #"Faithless" – 2:11 #"Children of the New Sun" – 2:45 (instrumental) #"Into the Sun" – 4:33


  • Christopher Amott - Guitars
  • Jonas Nyrén - Vocals
  • Peter Wildoer - Drums
  • Martin Bengtsson - bassCategory:1997 debut albums Category:Armageddon (band) albums Category:Albums recorded at Studio Fredman Category:Albums produced by Fredrik Nordström