Cristal may refer to:

  • Cristal Global, chemical company
  • Cristal (wine), a brand of champagne
  • Cristal (aguardiente), brands of aguardiente
  • Cristal (telenovela), a Venezuelan telenovela
  • Cristal, Rio Grande do Sul, a city in Brazil
  • MS Cristal, a cruise ship
  • Clube Atl├ętico Cristal, a Brazilian football club
  • Cristal, a prize awarded at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival
  • Cristal, the iliac crest in supracristal plane
  • Bic Cristal, a brand of disposable ballpoint pens
  • Cristal, a typeface by French foundry Deberny & Peignot
  • Cristal (album)

    People with the surname

  • Linda Cristal (born 1934), Argentine actress