Crashing Around You

"Crashing Around You" is a single by American heavy metal band Machine Head. The title track is taken from the 2001 album Supercharger. It is the fifth track featured on the band's live album Hellalive.

The single's release was ill-timed, coming out shortly before the 9/11 Terrorist attack.

Music video

The video was released just barely before the 9/11 Terrorist attack. The imagery in the video focused around a disturbed man in a small room and the band playing in front of a backdrop which switches back and forth between a city skyline and flames, with the flames superimposed over the skyline towards the end of the video. In fear that this could be viewed as insensitive after the tragic 9/11 attacks, the music video was subsequently banned from MTV due to its depiction of falling buildings. The video can be seen as an enhanced feature on the actual single and YouTube.

UK cds

# "Crashing Around You" - 3:17 # "Silver" (Live) - 4:28 # "Ten Ton Hammer" (Live) - 5:06

USA promo

# "Crashing Around You" - 3:13