Corvallis to the Sea Trail

Corvallis to the Sea Trail is a 62 mi long hiking, bicycling, and equestrian trail in Western Oregon (United States) which links the Willamette Valley to the Pacific Ocean. It connects between Corvallis and Ona Beach. As of May 2019, the eastern half (about 30 miles) is open and crosses a patchwork of public and private land. The remainder of the trail traverses Siuslaw National Forest with 6 mi requiring trail to be built. That won't occur until an environmental assessment is complete which will take a couple of years. The trail is expected to be complete in 2020.

The project to establish the trail had more than 40,000 volunteer hours and $20,000 in donations.

The effort began in 1974 but failed due to private property permission difficulties. In 2004, the C2C partnership was created and it proved able to work with Siuslaw National Forest officials.