Control may refer to:

Basic meanings

Economics and business

  • Control (management), an element of management
  • Control, an element of management accounting
  • Comptroller (or controller), a senior financial officer in an organization
  • Controlling interest, a percentage of voting stock shares sufficient to prevent opposition
  • Foreign exchange controls, regulations on trade
  • Internal control, a process to help achieve specific goals typically related to managing risk

    Mathematics and science

  • Control (optimal control theory), a variable for steering a controllable system of state variables toward a desired goal
  • Controlling for a variable, in statistics
  • Scientific control, the isolation of variables in experiments
  • Biological pest control, a natural method of controlling pests
  • Control network, in geodesy and surveying, a set of reference points of known geospatial coordinates
  • Control room, a room where a physical facility can be monitored
  • Process control, in continuous production processes
  • Security controls, safeguards against security risks


  • Control, according to the ICD-10-PCS, in the Medical and Surgical Section (0), is the root operation (# 3) that means stopping, or attempting to stop, post-procedural bleeding
  • Chlordiazepoxide, also sold under the trade name Control
  • Lorazepam, sold under the trade name Control

    Systems engineering, computing and technology

  • Automatic control, the application of control theory for regulation of processes without direct intervention
  • Control character, or non-printing character, in a character set; does not represent a written symbol, but is used to control the interpretation or display of text
  • Unicode control characters, characters with no visual or spatial representation
  • Control engineering, a discipline of modeling and controlling of systems
  • Control system, the ability to control some mechanical or chemical equipment
  • Control theory, the mathematical theory about controlling dynamical systems over time
  • Control flow, means of specifying the sequence of operations in computer programs
  • Control key, on a computer keyboard
  • GUI widget (control or widget), a component of a graphical user interface
  • Input device (control), a physical user interface to a computer system

    Society, psychology and sociology

  • Control (psychology)
  • Abusive power and control
  • Control freak, a person who attempts to dictate
  • Locus of control, an extent to which individuals believe that they can control events that affect them
  • Mind control, the use of manipulative methods to persuade others
  • Self-control, ability to control one's emotions and desires
  • Social control, mechanisms that regulate social behavior
  • Control (political), Civilian control of the military

    Other basic uses

  • Control point (orienteering), a marked waypoint in orienteering and related sports
  • Control (linguistics), a relation between elements of two clauses


  • Control, Alberta


  • Control (novel), a 1982 novel by William Goldman
  • Control (fictional character), in the 1974 British spy novel Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy

    Film and TV


  • Control (1987 film) or Il Giorna prima, a 1987 made-for-television film starring Burt Lancaster
  • Control (2004 film), starring Ray Liotta, Willem Dafoe and Michelle Rodriguez
  • Control (2005 film), an Australian short written and directed by Jon Cohen
  • Control (2007 film), a film about Joy Division singer Ian Curtis, directed by Anton Corbijn
  • Control (2013 film), a Chinese–Hong Kong film written and directed by Kenneth Bi
  • Kontroll, a 2003 Hungarian film, released as Control internationally
  • Control, a UK comedy short by Frank Miller


  • Control (House), a 2005 episode of the television series House
  • Control, a Spanish-language series aired on Univision
  • C (anime)|[C] - The Money of Soul And Possibility Control, or [C] - Control, a 2011 anime
  • Ctrl (web series), an American comedy web series
  • CONTROL (Get Smart), a fictional counter-espionage agency


  • Control, a feature of the game contract bridge
  • Control-bid, a bid in contract bridge
  • Control (video game), a 2019 video game by Remedy Entertainment


  • Control (Starlight Express), a character from the rock musical


  • Control (GoodBooks album), 2007
  • Control (Janet Jackson album), 1986
  • Control (Pedro the Lion album), 2002
  • Control, a 2011 album by Abandon
  • Control, a 2014 album by The Brew
  • Control, a 1981 album by Conrad Schnitzler
  • Control, a 2013 EP by Disclosure
  • Control, a 1994 album by Hellnation
  • Control, a 2012 EP by The Indecent
  • Control, a 1971 album by John St Field
  • Control, a 2012 album by Uppermost
  • Control, a 2003 album by Where Fear and Weapons Meet
  • Ctrl (SZA album), 2017


  • "Control" (Big Sean song), 2013
  • "Control" (Garbage song), 2012
  • "Control" (Janet Jackson song), 1986
  • "Control" (Kid Sister song), 2007
  • "Control" (Matrix & Futurebound song), 2013
  • "Control" (Metro Station song), 2007
  • "Control" (Mutemath song), 2004
  • "Control" (Poe song), 1998
  • "Control" (Puddle of Mudd song), 2001
  • "Control", the first single from Traci Lords' 1995 album 1000 Fires
  • "Control", the second single from Stabbing Westward's 1994 album Ungod
  • "Control", the third single from Wisin's 2014 album El Regreso del Sobreviviente
  • "Control", a 2012 song by Basement from the album Colourmeinkindness
  • "Control", a 2013 song by The Black Dahlia Murder, from the album Everblack
  • "Control", a 2012 song by Delta Goodrem, from the album Child of the Universe
  • "Control", a 2008 song by División Minúscula
  • "Control", a 2004 song by Earshot, from the album Two
  • "Control", a 2015 song by Halsey from the album Badlands