Coming Home

Coming Home or Comin' Home may refer to:


  • Coming Home (1962 film), a South Korean film starring Choi Moo-ryong
  • Coming Home (1978 film), an American film directed by Hal Ashby
  • Coming Home (2011 film), a film featuring Ankur Bhatia
  • Coming Home (2012 film), a French film directed by Frédéric Videau
  • Coming Home (2014 film), a Chinese film directed by Zhang Yimou
  • Coming Home (2019 film), an Argentine film directed and written by Ricardo Preve


  • Coming Home (Cohen novel), 1945 novel by Lester Cohen
  • Coming Home (McDevitt novel), 2014 science-fiction novel by Jack McDevitt
  • Coming Home, 1995 novel by Rosamunde Pilcher
  • Coming Home, 2009 play by Athol Fugard



  • Coming Home (Aleksander With album), 2006
  • Coming Home (Kristin Chenoweth album), 2014
  • Coming Home (Raymond Cilliers album), 2016
  • Coming Home (Falling in Reverse album), 2017
  • Coming Home (Leon Bridges album), 2015
  • Coming Home (Lonestar album), 2005
  • Coming Home (The Nadas album), 2000
  • Coming Home (New Found Glory album), 2006
  • Coming Home (O'Connor Band album), 2016
  • Coming Home (Pain album), 2016
  • Coming Home (Lionel Richie album), 2006
  • Coming Home (The Soldiers album), 2009
  • Coming Home (Faye Wong album), 1992
  • Coming Home (EP), 1998 EP by Iron Savior
  • Comin' Home (EP), 2014 EP by Jessie James Decker
  • Comin' Home (Larry Coryell album), 1984
  • Coming Home, 2010 album by Boozoo Bajou
  • Coming Home, 2009 album by Nightmares on Wax
  • Coming Home, 2008 album by Danny Wood
  • Coming Home, 1998 album by Joe Grushecky
  • Coming Home, 1998 album by Yungchen Lhamo


  • "Coming Home" / "Coming Home (To Richmond)" (Alex Lloyd songs), 2003 / 2014
  • "Coming Home" (Busted song), 2016
  • "Coming Home" (Cinderella song), 1989
  • "Coming Home" (Diddy – Dirty Money song), 2010
  • "Coming Home" (Firelight song), 2014
  • "Coming Home" (Kaiser Chiefs song), 2014
  • "Coming Home" (Keith Urban song), 2018
  • "Coming Home" (K-Warren song), 2001
  • "Coming Home" (Lemar song), 2010
  • "Coming Home" (Leon Bridges song), 2015
  • "Coming Home" (Sasha song), 2006
  • "Coming Home" (Sjonni's Friends song), 2011
  • "Coming Home" (The Soldiers song), 2009
  • "Coming Home" (Sigma and Rita Ora song), 2015
  • "Coming Home" (Sheppard song), 2017
  • "Comin' Home" (City and Colour song), 2006
  • "Comin' Home" (Hum song), 1998
  • "Comin' Home" (The Radiators song), 1979
  • "Coming Home (Jeanny Part 2)" by Falco, 1986
  • "Major Tom (Coming Home)", by Peter Schilling
  • "Coming Home", by Alex Band from Alex Band EP
  • "Coming Home", by Alter Bridge from Blackbird
  • "Coming Home", by Aly & Fila featuring Jwaydan
  • "Coming Home", by Armin van Buuren from Mirage
  • "Coming Home", by Avenged Sevenfold from Hail to the King
  • "Coming Home", by Axel Rudi Pell from Shadow Zone
  • "Coming Home", by DJ Tiësto from Parade of the Athletes
  • "Coming Home", by Ian Thomas from Still Here
  • "Coming Home", by Eric Saade
  • "Coming Home", by Gwyneth Paltrow from the Country Strong film soundtrack
  • "Coming Home", by Iron Maiden from The Final Frontier
  • "Coming Home", by Iron Savior from Unification
  • "Coming Home", by James LaBrie from Static Impulse
  • "Coming Home", by John Legend from Once Again
  • "Coming Home", by King Diamond from Them
  • "Coming Home", by Little Richard from Pray Along with Little Richard
  • "Coming Home", by Marit Larsen from ''Spark
  • "Coming Home", by The Mavis's from Rapture
  • "Coming Home", by Megadeth from The World Needs a Hero
  • "Coming Home", by Pain from Coming Home
  • "Coming Home", by Pixie Lott from Turn It Up Louder
  • "Coming Home", by Saxon from Killing Ground
  • "Coming Home", by Scorpions from Love at First Sting
  • "Coming Home", by Shane Filan of Westlife from You and Me
  • "Coming Home", by Stratovarius from Visions
  • "Coming Home", by SWV from It's About Time
  • "Coming Home", by U.D.O. from Animal House
  • "Comin' Home", by Bob Seger from The Distance
  • "Comin' Home", by Cheeseburger
  • "Comin' Home", by Danger Danger from Screw It!
  • "Comin' Home", by Delaney & Bonnie from On Tour with Eric Clapton
  • "Comin' Home", by Deep Purple from Come Taste the Band
  • "Comin' Home", by Kiss from Hotter Than Hell
  • "Comin' Home", by Lynyrd Skynyrd from The Essential Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • "Comin' Home", by Prism from Armageddon
  • "Comin' Home", by Talisman from Genesis


  • Coming Home (TV serial), a two-part 1998 British serial based on Rosamund Pilcher's novel that aired on ITV
  • Coming Home (UK TV series), a 2004 British documentary series that aired on BBC Wales
  • Coming Home (U.S. TV series), a 2011 American reality series that aired on Lifetime
  • Coming Home (miniseries), a 2003 miniseries produced by John Drimmer


  • "Coming Home" (The Dead Zone)
  • "Coming Home" (Desperate Housewives)
  • "Coming Home" (Mobile Suit Gundam)
  • "Coming Home" (Xena: Warrior Princess)

    Other uses

  • Coming Home campaign, a UK program to aid military personnel returning from Afghanistan and Iraq