Clara may refer to:


  • CLARA, Latin American academic computer network organization
  • Clara.Net, a European ISP
  • Consolidated Land and Rail Australia, a property development consortium


  • Clara (given name), a feminine given name (includes a list of people and fictional characters with this name)

  • Saint Clara or Clare of Assisi Surname
  • Florian Clara (born 1988), Italian luger
  • Roland Clara (born 1982), Italian cross country skier



  • Clara, Pyrénées-Orientales, a commune of the Pyrénées-Orientales département in southwestern France


  • Clara, County Kilkenny, a parish
  • Clara, County Offaly, a town in Ireland
  • Clara Bog, a wetland near the town of Clara, County Offaly
  • Clara, County Wicklow, sometimes referred to as the "smallest village in Ireland"

    United States

  • Clara, Florida, area on the border of Taylor County and Dixie County
  • Clara City, Minnesota
  • Clara, Mississippi, a small community in the United States
  • Clara Township, Potter County, Pennsylvania, a township in the United States


  • 642 Clara, a minor planet orbiting the Sun

    Other uses

  • Clara (beverage), a Spanish term for shandy
  • Clara GAA, sports club in Clara, County Kilkenny, Ireland
  • Clara GAA (Offaly), sports club in Clara, County Offaly
  • Clara (Mirbeau), the main character in Octave Mirbeau's 1899 novel The Torture Garden
  • Clara (opera), a 1998 opera by Hans Gefors, libretto by Jean-Claude Carrière
  • Clara (moth), a genus of moth
  • Clara (rhinoceros), which toured Europe in the mid-18th century
  • Clara (TV series), a German TV series
  • Clara cells, former name of club cells in the lungs
  •, an online 3D modeling, animation and rendering tool
  • Clara, a 1987 one-act stage play by Arthur Miller
  • Clara, a 2006 song from "The Drift" by Scott Walker
  • Clara (film), a 2018 Canadian sci-fi drama
  • Clara (short film), a 1999 American short drama