Church may refer to:


Places of worship

  • Church (building)
  • Church (congregation), a local congregation of a Christian denomination
  • Christian Church, body of Christians, taken as a whole
  • Christian denomination, a Christian organization with distinct doctrine and practice
  • Church service, a formalized period of Christian communal worship
  • Black church, churches that currently or historically have ministered to predominantly African American congregations
  • Place of worship


  • Catholic Church, body of Christians as perceived by Catholic ecclesiology
  • Church sui iuris, recognised as sui iuris by the Holy See
  • Great Church, historical term for before the East–West schism in 1054
  • Particular church, headed by a bishop or equivalent within the Catholic Church


  • Eastern Orthodox Church
  • Greek Orthodox Church
  • Oriental Orthodoxy
  • Russian Orthodox Church


  • Broad church, description of an organization encompassing a broad range of opinion on doctrine and practice and therefore like the Anglican Church which gave rise to the description
  • Simple church, an Evangelical Christian movement

    Unitarian and Universalists

  • Unitarian Universalist Association, a religious group which follows Unitarianism, Unitarian Universalism and Free Christianity
  • Universalist Church of America, a Christian Universalist religious denomination in the United States

    Sociology of religion

  • Church and ecclesia, a type of religious denomination that is all-embracing of religious expression within a society
  • State church, a Christian denomination officially endorsed by a government

    Other uses in religion

  • Church architecture
  • Church invisible
  • Church visible
  • Four Marks of the Church
  • Mother church
  • One true church
  • Sister church


    United Kingdom

  • Church (Liverpool ward), a Liverpool City Council ward
  • Church (Reading ward), a Reading Borough Council ward
  • Church (Sefton ward), a Metropolitan Borough of Sefton ward
  • Church, Lancashire, England

    United States

  • Church, Iowa, an unincorporated community
  • Church Lake, a lake in Minnesota
  • Falls Church, Virginia
  • Harmony Church, a sizable portion of Fort Benning, Georgia

    Arts, entertainment, and media

    Fictional entities

  • Church (Red vs. Blue), a fictional character in the video web series Red vs. Blue
  • Church, a cat in Stephen King's novel Pet Sematary
  • Church, a meeting of SOA members in the FX television series Sons of Anarchy


  • The Church (1989 film), an Italian horror film directed by Michele Soavi
  • The Church (2018 film), an American horror film directed by Dom Franklin



  • Chvrches, an electropop trio from Glasgow, Scotland
  • The Church (band), an Australian psychedelic rock band formed in Sydney in 1980


  • Church (album), a 2020 album by Swedish electronic dance music duo Galantis
  • Church of Hawkwind, a 1982 album by English space rock band Hawkwind
  • The Church (Mr. Oizo album), a 2014 album by French electronic musician Mr. Oizo
  • The Church, the name under which The Church's 1981 debut album, Of Skins and Heart, was released internationally


  • "Church" (Alison Wonderland song)
  • "Church" (Coldplay song)
  • "Church" (T-Pain song)
  • "Church", a song by Aly & AJ from Sanctuary
  • "Church", a song by Galactic from Coolin' Off
  • "Church", a song by Fall Out Boy from Mania
  • "Church", a song by OutKast from Speakerboxxx/The Love Below
  • "The Church", a song by Hawkwind from Church of Hawkwind


  • Church magazine, a pastoral theology magazine published by the National Pastoral Life Center

    Other uses

  • Church (programming language), a LISP-like probabilistic programming language
  • Church (surname), including a list of people
  • Church Committee, 1975 United States Senate Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities