Charaxes antamboulou

Charaxes antamboulou, the Madagascar green-veined charaxes, is a butterfly of the family Nymphalidae. It is found in Madagascar. The habitat consists of forests and wooded areas.

The larvae feed on Croton species.


Charaxes antamboulou is very similar to Charaxes candiope but has smaller upperside submarginal and marginal stains and a more marked contrast between the black apical patches and the yellow basal colour of the upperside wings.

A full description is given by Walter Rothschild and Karl Jordan, 1900 Novitates Zoologicae volume 7:287-524. [] page 368-369 (for terms see Novitates Zoologicae volume 5:545-601 [])


Charaxes antamboulou is a member of the species group Charaxes candiope. The clade members are

  • Charaxes candiope nominate
  • Charaxes antamboulou
  • Charaxes cowani
  • Charaxes velox
  • Charaxes thomasius


    Afrotropical ecozone