Charaxes ansorgei

__NOTOC__Charaxes ansorgei is a butterfly in the family Nymphalidae. It is found in Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi and Zambia. The habitat consists of montane forest on altitudes between 2,000 and 3,000 meters. The larvae feed on Bersama abyssinica abyssinica, Bersama abyssinica englerana and Bersama paullinoides.


A full description is given by Rothschild, W. And Jordan, K., 1900 Novitates Zoologicae Volume 7:287-524. [] page 428-429 (for terms see Novitates Zoologicae Volume 5:545-601 [])


  • C. a. ansorgei (Uganda: slopes of Mount Elgon, Kenya: highlands west of the Rift Valley)
  • C. a. jacksoni Poulton, 1933 (Kenya: highlands east of the Rift Valley)
  • C. a. kilimanjarica van Someren, 1967 (Tanzania: Kilimanjaro)
  • C. a. kinyeti Plantrou, 1989 (Sudan (south to Imatong, Kinyeti and Didinga Mountains)
  • C. a. kungwensis van Someren, 1967 (Tanzania: eastern shores of Lake Tanganyika)
  • C. a. levicki Poulton, 1933 (southern highlands of Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia)
  • C. a. loita Plantrou, 1982 (southern Kenya, northern Tanzania)
  • C. a. ruandana Talbot, 1932 (south-western Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo)
  • C. a. rydoni van Someren, 1967 (north-eastern Tanzania)
  • C. a. simoni Turlin, 1987 (north-eastern Tanzania)
  • C. a. ufipa Kielland, 1978 (western Tanzania)


    The members of the Charaxes jasius group are:

  • Charaxes jasius
  • Charaxes pelias – smaller than jasius
  • Charaxes hansali
  • Charaxes castor
  • Charaxes brutus – dark with white bands
  • Charaxes andara – Madagascar
  • Charaxes ansorgei
  • Charaxes phoebus
  • Charaxes pollux
  • Charaxes druceanus
  • Charaxes phraortes – Madagascar, close to next
  • Charaxes andranodorus – close to last
  • Charaxes eudoxus
  • Charaxes richelmanni