Changhe Beidouxing

The Changhe Beidouxing (北斗星) or Changhe Big Dipper is a mini MPV produced by BAIC under the Changhe marque since 2010.

First generation (2004)

The Changhe Beidouxing was based on the same platform as the first generation Suzuki Wagon R, and was originally an extended licensed production that turned into a rebadge model.

Changhe Beidouxing X5

The Changhe Beidouxing X5 is the long wheelbase version of the Changhe Beidouxing, featuring the post facelift front end of the Changhe Beidouxing, and a revised rear end with tail lamps on the D pillars.Prices of the Changhe Beidouxing X5 ranges from 41,900 yuan to 51,900 yuan. An electric version called the Beidouxing X5E was available as of 2016, featuring an electric motor with 41hp.

Second generation (2019)

The Changhe Beidouxing II was seen in 2017, with the underpinnings still being the Suzuki Wagon R. However, the actual production car was not revealed until 2019.