Chances may refer to:

  • Chances (TV series), an Australian soap opera
  • Chances (Philippine TV series), a prime-time soap opera
  • Chances: The Women of Magdalene, a 2006 documentary film
  • Chances (novel), a 1981 novel by Jackie Collins
  • The Chances, a 1617 play by John Fletcher
  • Total chances, a baseball statistic
  • Chances (film), a 1931 American Pre-Code war drama


  • Chances (Jill Barber album), 2008
  • Chances (Sylver album)
  • "Chances" (Five for Fighting song), 2009
  • "Chances" (Roxette song), 1988
  • "Chances", song by Athlete from Tourist, 2005, and covered by Westlife from Gravity, 2010
  • "Chances", song by the Backstreet Boys from DNA, 2018
  • "Chances", song by Dido from the album Still on My Mind, 2019