Carl Nielsen International Music Competition

Carl Nielsen International Competition (Danish: Carl Nielsen Konkurrencen) is a competition for classical musicians (violin, clarinet, and flute) held in Odense, Denmark in memory of the composer Carl Nielsen.


Competition was established in 1980 under the patronage of Queen Margarethe of Denmark. It became a member of the World Federation of International Music Competitions in 1981. Initially a violin competition, its first President was Henryk Szeryng. Later the competition added special editions for organists (since 1986), clarinetists (since 1997) and flutists (since 1998). At various times jury members included Max Rostal, Joseph Gingold, Norbert Brainin, Arve Tellefsen, Milan Vitek, Dorothy DeLay, Tibor Varga, Jean-Jacques Kantorow.

Since 2012, the organ competition is no longer part of the Carl Nielsen Competition, but is instead held as a separate competition. But the violin, clarinet and flute competitions have, after nearly four decades, established themselves as some of the most demanding and rewarding in the world, each offering winners the chance to launch a significant international career. From 2019, the Carl Nielsen International Competitions for violin, clarinet and flute will be held concurrently for the first time. Representing the 2019 competition as Artistic Advisors are three of the world’s leading musicians in their fields – Nikolaj Znaider, Emmanuel Pahud and Martin Fröst.




  • 1st Prize: Kathleen Winkler - United States
  • 2nd Prize: Per Enoksson - Sweden
  • 3rd Prize: Hozumi Murata - Japan
  • 4th Prize: Adriana Rosin - Romania
  • 5th Prize: Grazyna Skowron - Poland
  • 6th Prize: Marius Nichiteanu - Romania


  • 1st Prize: Osamu Yaguchi - Japan
  • 2nd Prize: Lenuta Ciulei-Atanasiu - Romania
  • 3rd Prize: Johannes Søe Hansen - Denmark
  • 4th Prize: Jaroslaw Zolnierczyk - Poland
  • 5th Prize: Jacob Friis - Denmark
  • 6th Prize: Anne Yuuko Akahoshi - Germany


  • 1st Prize: Alexei Kochvanets - USSR
  • 2nd Prize: Heike Janicke - East Germany
  • 3rd Prize: Joji Hattori - Japan
  • 4th Prize: Nicole Monahan - United States
  • 5th Prize: Sigrun Edvaldsdottir - Iceland
  • 6th Prize: Beata Warykiewicz - Poland


  • 1st Prize: Nikolaj Znaider - Denmark
  • 2nd Prize: Jennifer Koh - United States
  • 3rd Prize: Pekka Kuusisto - Finland
  • 4th Prize: Ilja Sekler - USSR
  • 5th Prize: Not awarded
  • 6th Prize: Vladislav Adelkhanov - USSR


  • 1st Prize: Adele Anthony - Australia
  • 2nd Prize (shared): Malin Broman - Sweden and Jaakko Kuusisto - Finland
  • 3rd Prize: Not awarded
  • 4th Prize: Not awarded
  • 5th Prize: Esther Noh - United States
  • 6th Prize: Tamás András - Hungary


  • 1st Prize: Leor Maltinski - Israel
  • 2nd Prize: Saeka Matsuyama - Japan
  • 3rd Prize: Mariko Inaba - Japan


  • 1st Prize: Masaaki Tanokura - Japan
  • 2nd Prize: Dmytro Tkachenko - Ukraine
  • 3rd Prize: Mikkel Futtrup - Denmark
  • 4th Prize: Mariusz Patyra - Poland


  • 1st Prize: Hyuk Joo Kwun - South Korea
  • 2nd Prize: Erin Keefe - United States
  • 3rd Prize: Ui-Youn Hong - South Korea
  • 4th Prize: Judy Kang - Canada


  • 1st Prize: Hrachya Avanesyan - Armenia
  • 2nd Prize: Yusuke Hayashi - Japan
  • 3rd Prize: Josef Spacek - Czech Republic
  • 4th Prize: Eugen Tichindeleanu - Romania


  • 1st Prize: Olga Volkova - Russia
  • 2nd Prize: Niklas Walentin Jensen - Denmark
  • 3rd Prize: Eva Thorarinsdottir - Iceland
  • 4th Prize: Ui-Youn Hong - South Korea


    Flute Competition
  • 1st Prize: Sébastian Jacot, France
  • 2nd Prize: Yukie Ota, Japan
  • 3rd Prize: Yaeram Park, South Korea


  • 1st Prize (shared): Liya Petrova - Bulgaria and Ji Yoon Lee - South Korea
  • 2nd Prize: Not awarded
  • 3rd Prize: Luke Hsu - United States
  • 4th Prize (shared): Soo-Hyun Park - South Korea, Ji Won Song - South Korea and Karen Kido - Japan