Captain Jack

Captain Jack may refer to:


  • Calico Jack (1683–1720), a pirate in 18th Century
  • Captain Jack (Hawaiian) (died 1831), Naihekukui, commander of Kamehameha's fleet and father of Kalama
  • Captain Jack (Native American) (c. 1837–1873), Kintpuash, leader of the Modoc tribe
  • John Wallace Crawford aka "Captain Jack" (1847–1917), American Civil War veteran & Old West scout, poet of western lore
  • Stephen Jackson, an American professional basketball player nicknamed "Captain Jack"

    In music

  • Captain Jack (band), a German Eurodance act
  • "Captain Jack" (Captain Jack song), a song by Captain Jack from The Mission
  • "Captain Jack" (Billy Joel song), a song by Billy Joel

    In fiction

  • Captain Jack (1996 film), a 1996 film written by Scott Wiper
  • Captain Jack (film), a 1999 film starring Bob Hoskins
  • Jack Harkness, a central character in the TV series Torchwood (and guest character in Doctor Who)
  • Captain Jack Harkness, a guest character in Torchwood after whom the regular character was named
  • "Captain Jack Harkness" (Torchwood episode), an episode of Torchwood in which the guest character appears
  • Captain Jack Sparrow, the central character in the Pirates of the Caribbean films
  • Captain Jack Absolute, a character in the 1775 play The Rivals
  • "Captain Jack", an episode of Leave It to Beaver, and the name of an alligator in that episode
  • Captain Jack, a character in The Office episode "Booze Cruise"
  • Captain Jack, a character in the Babylon 5 episode "Racing Mars"
  • Captain Jack, an alligator in The Simpsons episode "Kill the Alligator and Run"
  • The Adventures of Captain Jack, a comic book series by Mike Kazaleh published by Fantagraphics 1986–1989
  • Captain Jack Aubrey, a fictional character in the Aubrey–Maturin novels by Patrick O'Brian