Capricho (English title: Caprice) is a Mexican telenovela produced by Carlos Sotomayor for Televisa in 1993.

Victoria Ruffo and Humberto Zurita starred as protagonists, while leading actress Diana Bracho starred as main antagonist.


Eugenia Montaño is a powerful and strong character that owns "Viñedos del Sol", a renowned vineyard that has been in her family for decades woman. She is married to Antonio Aranda, a writer of gentle and submissive and deeply in love with his wife character, with whom he has two daughters, the oldest is called Rachel and youngest's Cristina.

However, while Eugenia adores her older daughter despises the youngest one. This is because Rachel is not really the daughter of Antonio but Leon, the brother of this and the only man she has ever loved, but with which she could never marry. Therefore, she has lived most of her life with a man who she does not love and a daughter who renounces not be the fruit of hers true love.

Rachel, as evil as her mother is just as cruel to Cristina, is Jorge girlfriend. This an honest young man who sincerely loves Rachel, but she has never liked him really, unlike Cristina, who loves him secretly.


  • Victoria Ruffo as Cristina Aranda Montaño
  • Humberto Zurita as Daniel Franco
  • Diana Bracho as Eugenia Montaño de Aranda
  • Patricia Pereyra as Raquel Aranda Montaño
  • María Teresa Rivas as Doña Isabel Vda. de Montaño
  • Juan Peláez as Antonio Aranda
  • Armando Silvestre as León Aranda
  • Luis Aguilar as Don Jesús Tamayo
  • Silvia Mariscal as Mercedes de Aranda
  • Jorge Antolín as Jorge Nieto
  • Romina Castro as Teresa "Tita" Nieto
  • Bruno Rey as Braulio Nieto
  • Marina Marín as Flora de Nieto
  • Pilar Escalante as Sandra Ruiz
  • Constantino Costas as Rubén
  • Alejandro Ruiz as Fernando
  • Graciela Bernardos as Licha Gutiérrez
  • Cuca Dublán as Lupita
  • Lucía Muñoz as Mónica
  • Alejandro Tommasi as Tomás Ruiz
  • Israel Jaitovich as Nicolás
  • Margarita Ambriz as Esperanza
  • Georgina Pedret as Nora