Burmese Australians

Burmese Australians are Australian citizens or permanent residents who carry full or partial ancestry from Burma, also known as Myanmar, a country located in Southeast Asia. The dominant ethnic group of Burma is the Bamar people but there are also numerous Burmese ethnic minorities.

Burma was historically ruled as a British colony throughout the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and it was part of the British Raj (i.e. British India) at one point. The United Kingdom lost control of Burma to the Empire of Japan during World War II (1942), regained control over Burma in 1945, and was subsequently expelled from Burma in 1948 when the country became independent.

Like Burma, Australia was also historically a British colony, though Australia's indigenous population has largely been replaced by Anglo-Celtic Australians and other settler groups, whereas Anglo-Burmese people constitute a minority of Burma's native population.

Most Burmese Australians are ethnic-Bamar, though there are also many Sino-Burmese and some Rohingya people in Australia.

Notable people