Bukwo is a town in Eastern Uganda. It is the main municipal, administrative and commercial center of Bukwo District and the headquarters of the district are located there. The district is named after the town.


Bukwo is located approximately 81 km, by road, northeast of Mbale. The town is located on the eastern slopes of the Mount Elgon range, close to the border with Kenya. This location lies approximately 330 km, by road, northeast of Kampala, the capital of Uganda and the largest city in the country. The coordinates of the town are:1°17'34.0"N, 34°45'11.0"E (Latitude:1.292764; Longitude:34.753050).


As of May 2014, the exact population of the town of Bukwo is not publicly known.

Points of interest

Te following points of interest lie within the town, or near its borders:
  • The headquarters of Bukwo District Administration
  • The offices of Bukwo Town Council
  • Bukwo Central Market
  • Bukwo General Hospital - A public hospital administered by the Uganda Ministry of Health